A little worried even though I did well on Ethics...

On the exam last Saturday, I did great on the Ethics section because I studied that section pretty hard, but I am worried about the other sections. I know this may sound like a dumb question, but what percentage would I have had to scored correctly (approximately) on the other sections if I got around 90% correct for ethics? I know it sounds overconfident (for the Ethics estimate), but it was only one section and I promise you I didnt do well on the other sections. I probably scored around 50% + correct guesses for FSA if that helps.

i’m also on the same boat…let’s just hope it goes well. just hoping any L2 or anyone else can tell us what are the odds?

Nobody is going to be able to tell you what your chances are. If you scored somewhere in the mid-60s total you have a chance. Only you can figure out what your average score could be.

i messed up the morning paper…might be in the 50plus%…but afternoon was alright.

just do the math…you need about an overall score >70% to comfortably pass.

I was a bit confused with the one question which has misrepresentation and market manipulation (If I remember right) and the Yes/No combinations. Does anyone remember the answer to that?

there was no market manipulation.

There was one where it was mentioned among the answers.

Yeh, Does anyone remember that question? Where the simulations are used to generate results…

adb258 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yeh, Does anyone remember that question? Where the > simulations are used to generate results… I thought it was Misrepresentation only (since they didn’t disclose the results were simulated), but no performance presentation violation, because you can use simulated results. Not sure if it’s right though.

I said exactly the opposite. :-(((

i think i put just misrepresentation…at least i hope i did, i remember being hung up on that question.

Actually just chekced the handbook - it says under Performance Presentation - must disclose if simulated results are used.

sejaldavar…i picked Performance Presentation too, based on the same line you quoted above. I remember my buddy and I had a small debate about this, right after the exam. I hope we’re right.

Same here Kevin, hope I did right. Results has to be disclosed if it is simulated. I am not sure about if mis-rep also true.

The code does not say about disclosing simulated results in the misrepresentation section. I feel like I’m so much on the borderline that it’s going to come down to a few questions that decide on my result at this point.

There was something about a guy getting info on a closed circuit call and trading on it But Material nonpublic info was not one of the choices. What did u guys pick ?

I think I remember picking that too… was it a two column question with Yes/No combinations? Can’t remember …