About note-taking...

I would take 1-5 pages of solid notes per chapter. Averaged about 2 per chapter.

Focused on main formulas and major concepts. The occasional list as well. Added notes based on EOC questions. Don’t write down paragraphs, just simple notes about concepts.

For my review, I would see if I could go through my notes and EOC questions and summary and if I could get most of the questions, I didn’t have to re-read anything.

Reading 100-150 pages of notes is easier than going through 2500 pages of CFAI text again and again.

Worked for me on all 3 levels. That and an additional 100-150 notecards for formulas only.

everyone learns differently. find out what it is works best for you, and go do it

Why do you have to make your own formula sheet when you can get it with Schweser and the back of the books?