Advice on Mocks and Sample PM's

So I have the two 2012 samples I can buy, I have the 2012, 2011, and 2010 PM mocks.

We are obviosuly running out of time.

Assume “do the AM, blue boxes, and EOC’s” doesn’t need to be stated,I have a sufficient last week study plan from that perspective.

My question is this

Would I be better off doing the two 2012 samples and the 2012 mock

doing the 2010, 2011, 2012 mocks? or some other combination? Is doing every one worth it?

What do you think of the "worth it’ factors of different combinations of new and old, the samples versus the mocks, etc? I’m trying to weight my time versus value decisions in the last week, because I obviously have to hit tons of bluebox eoc and AM review as well.

Anyone have any suggestions what is most bang for my buck time wise on the PM’s? Like "don’t use “x” because they suck? whatever input you have is valuable. I don’t need soemone tor form a study plan for me, just critique doing old mocks versus samples, etc…“theyre all worth it”… whatever you feel like commenting.

I am definitely skipping the 2 samples (2012), they are no good value for the money tests - $80!

Then I plan to do 2012 mock - probably on Wednesday

I am still contemplating on doing the 2010 and 2011 mocks, but not sure if I would have time as I have to do the EOC’s and BB’s and Ethics and GIPS :frowning:

And Yes, I definitely don’t remember 80% of the stuff - Hope it “comes” to me on the exam day!

Anybody ever wonder if buying those samples leads you in the right direction in terms of what will be asked on the exam? Can’t help but feel that although they seem like a rip there is likely some value there… if not – I agree, not worth the $80.

Thats kinda what I was wondering, sample to exam correlation, etc…

I am on the fence about what to do. On the one hand I feel like doing any CFA provided Q’s has value, yet we are low low low on time.

I’m still probably going to pass on the samples… I just feel that I have enough to go off with some mocks and the AM stuff… challenge will be reviewing the EOC’s and blue boxes in the text. I haven’t really decided on an approach… wish I created a list on the first run for areas I would like to circle back to… oh well. I think if you use time efficiently there is still a tonne you can get through - not to mention my experience with retention has been that the final week is the key. Today got through all the AM’s - I’ve already done them and there was nothing that seemed foreign. Tomorrow - review the mock(s)