25…damn I’m old


26 (27 next year)…

30 ugh


34 and off to take a quick nap.

  1. i just farted dust

32 … 33 in oct… Damn… i am feeling old… must pass now… was taking it bit lightly… now would be more serious

76, gotta stay sharp!

Just kidding…24

Other than vnysot’s 76 , I am the oldest, at 38. Don’t know if I should smile or cry :frowning: Life is like an endless fight for me so far. Steve

vnysot you shouldn’t reveal the truth to make me feel better :slight_smile:

35 in April :slight_smile:

25, fiance is 27 and already a charterholder

27 - but LII will probably age me at least 5+ years…

Just spend my last 22 years old day. 23 now.


Just turned 26.