AM IPS 70/71

What is the Guy’s (Coach) Human Capital like?

Corporate ABS Bond?

Large Cap Equity?

my choice was ABS Bond, since 1) inflation hedged, 2) subject to credit risk.

Bumping this up. Could someone who got Q2 right answer this one? I would like to know this just for curiosity…

I would cancel this thread immediately.

You guys are idiots for discussing this question or any questions from the exam for that matter. Wait until the institute puts the exam on the web to see the answer.

Pls add your name, home address and email to expedite this process for CFA Investigation staff.

Kind of a dick move by CFAI to ban discussion on individual questions - I mean, what harm can that possibly do? But yeah, those goons might track you down. Better get rid of this thread.

Rules are rules, no one is allowed to discuss exams on forums.

Passme, care to weigh in!?