America's problem

It depends on how you define AÍ. Most definitions try to define it as some kind of mechanically or non-organically produced intelligence that can pass certain cognitive tests.

Your definition appears to be just emergent behavior facilitated by rule systems for which there is no identifiable person in charge. Under that definition, a rioting mob might be artificially intelligent. And then, if artificial intelligence can be an emergent property of actions by organic elements (as it would have to be if you say Corporations are AÍ, then is it really any different than normal intelligence, which is an emergent property of our neural connections in the brain.

Yes, that’s how they missed it happening. It’s weak AI, very narrow task, “maximize profits”. It has not evolved consciousness, and thus does not assign its own goal. Which is how it is so easy to put back in the box, you simply assign it a different goal. Unless you wait for decades, they are you f@#%$d. Way outgunned now.

It’s not an impossible riddle. They never attempted anything that had more than 0% probability of success, not once. Bernie “let’s break up the banks”, or “term limits”. Wrong Bernie, you’ve got nothing. Win or lose those micro battles, the machine’s central programming remains, it will just adapt and continue to maximize profits, and it will outlast you, because it is immortal, and you are old. Simply change the central programming.

Once Elizabeth Warren said something that was getting slightly warmer, but she stopped way short of anything close. To my knowledge I am the only person on Earth to have 1) defined the problem precisely, and 2) stated the solution precisely. I am not a fan of the vague hippy “we can make a change bla bla”. Tell me in logical chess moves how you win the game , not take the AI’s pawn.

are we talking about north or south america?

Interesting that it is America’s problem, as if America is the first or only country to have corporations.

How come you are always intentionally missing the point and disputing trivialities?

Everyone is complaining in American about their situation and hoping a candidate will magically save them. That’s why it’s directed to them. enlightened

Not remotely everyone.

But I do understand how making absurd generalizations makes it easy for you to (mis)analyze the situation.

Nice, defending trivialities with trivialities. Do you think these things thru before posting? cheeky

About twice as much as you do, evidently.

The age old wisdom of the internet applies here: Don’t feed the troll.

The mods, swarming a serious thread with troll posts, again.

Why not just not post on the topic since you have nothing to add? Also mods: when are we going to ban the mods??

Update: petition to ban the mods initiated:

With itera at the helm, inmates are running the asylum.

other sites im on: calling out mods in public gets you banned

The “topic” doesn’t matter. You make ridiculous conclusions on any topic with some asinine argument on assumptions that make no sense. Then you outpost everyone until no one bothers to argue with you. Congrats on being really boring.

It’s S2000 the odd man out. He is allegedly the brightest man on this site yet he brings nothing to the table in the WC. When he isn’t spending his time correcting the spelling of others and typing unwitty one liners, he’s starting threads about his horses. If he is as smart as everyone claims he is, he would stick to the L1-3 forums where he has a comparative advantage and only chime in here when he actually has something of substance to add other than nitpicking.

^Bchad is the wise man of AF and should stay moderator, the other three should be replaced (itera, S2K, and numi).

cuz I spit hot fire.

This guy is the worst, short posts with zero value to topic, and they aren’t even sharp/funny…they just interrupt the conversion and make everyone go away (what just happened). In other words a liability to the business (if AF is a business). But Itera is only one step above S2000, can’t recall much serious analysis, maybe an occasional thought worth sharing, but it’s mostly nasty trolling.

Let’s analyze this situation.

I start the most relevant and timely topic; getting to root cause of America’s problem (they discuss heatedly every 4yrs). The post is relevant, the post is timely. I then write a logical analysis tracing root cause (this is what all my posts do). Sure, I included in my opening statement most people would not be able to comprehend the analysis, that is the nature of persistent problems Itera (if people comprehended the answer, they would have solved it, and it would not be a persistent problem).

So…you couldn’t follow the logic, and found it boring (some forum members did not), and you decided to jump in way out of your depth with a random (and might I add very boring)…

Uhh. What does that mean? People can’t discuss the most important topic facing America and humanity if they want to? Is ignoring root the root cause of your problems “wisdom”? Why not just not post if you don’t understand the topic? It looks like you are the one trolling and being boring, and it is a pattern with you. Let’s hear some answers please.

Consider yourself called out.

So what PA seems to be saying is that he has the best posts. They’re so tremendous. Everybody loves them. They’re better than former trader’s, they’re better than bchad’s, They’re more useful than Greenman’s tax advice. When you get down to it, do you want to read posts from people who have made some bad trades sometimes, or do you want to have someone who has called every market top and bottom and option position correctly since he got in the business. Extreme vetting folks; that’s what evolution is when it’s done right.

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i am deeply offended by this statement about my wife. I’m going to message chad and request you be banned.