Any idea why CFA Institute does not allow exam postponing?

What is the problem the CFA Institute has with postponing an exam? I booked January, then started a job that has become very demanding and I often work Sat/Sun too (besides a 12+ hour workday) and tried ot postpone but they didn`t allow and the e-mail indicated it is nearly impossible. Its the first exam I ever see with such provision, why is it?

Not sure this is unusual at all, typically you can only postpone for Medical reasons in the exams I have done. I would guess they want people to be committed before signing up, so the whole thing does not become devalued.

I suspect that the reason’s the usual one: money.

I think they do that because the curriculum does change slightly from each exam to exam. And then it also gives people an added advantage of more time. Like if you’ve registered in January for the December exam and now you postpone, you get 6 months more over others. And if you’re doing Level II or Level III, then you get a whole year extra.

In university, when you postpone it’s usually for a few weeks or in some cases next semester and there’s no real advantage to that. In fact it’s a disadvantage because you don’t know what the prof taught in the new semester.


I don`t know why but not a big deal, will attend the exam and whatever happens (I will very probably fail as have not covered the whole curriculum even once yet…). I am shifting pretty confidently away of the CFA idea anyways, so if I fail it will be for good :slight_smile: