any ideas how to prepare for L1 in 5 days???

Greetings, is it still possible to prepare for an upcoming exam in the next few days?

Schweser quick sheet…thats all you need. 8 pages, memorize everything.


impossible is nothing.

Siberian, is this a tongue in cheek post? I know you’ve been studying diligently. Just hit those CFAI practice exams and you’ll do great.

lola, even my sense of humor is all about the exam right now. i could not come up with anything wittier than that. Sorry guys it was a joke. to delhirocks: thank you for advice GL studying :wink:

lol, I knew it. I guess I have AF addiction probs, I actually know all the regulars, and not only that but also their study habits *scary*

Scheweser’s secret sauce & then 5 CFAI exams?