Any retake advice for a mother of 3 toddlers?

I doubt neither Greenman or the Magician is explicitly saying that the CFA Charter is too intense for you.

It’s intense for everyone - that’s why we love it. That’s what distinguishes it and makes it valuable.

They just want to emphasize that earning the Charter requires a significant amount of effort and time. So you need to create a support system that will see you through it.

And don’t get me wrong, but you can start building in some “contingency plans” for all that could go wrong (e.g.: hubby dropping the ball with kids week before exam, you falling sick for a few weeks etc) now. Maybe agree with your parents or his parents to help take care of the kids the week before exam day /aim to finish taking plenty of practice/mocks well before the actual test etc

The first time around, I ran into issues with my husband struggling picking up the slack on the day to day family stuff which is why I can’t emphasize enough putting together a “family” study calendar that I talked about in my first post.

Another thing that may be happening here is that your husband didn’t realize just how difficult the test really was. I know for me, my husband watched me get my undergrad and masters degree in 5 years (before kids), I’ve always been successful in my field, and I’m generally regarded as an intelligent person. So he really thought that if I completed the material, then I would do great on the test. He’s a smart guy too and he has a few professional designations in his own field so he figured this was pretty similar to his own experiences.

Wrong… I failed band 10. But honestly, that was probably the best thing that could have happened because he realized just how difficult this certification is and he really understood what I needed from him in order to pass. Studying for L1 in December was much easier and it’s been the same now studying for L2. I still have to be smart about my time but none of us are pulling our hair out, everyone is getting fed in our house and all 3 kids are pretty happy too because I’m a lot less stressed.

I should also mention that even with my studying, I enjoy my time with my husband and kids much more than the first time I studied for L1 because I’m not worrying about the studying I’m missing because I know my study schedule and I’m sticking to it.

Ultimately it’s up to you and what you and your family can get on board with. But I would hate to see ANY candidate discouraged from getting the certification just because it doesn’t fall neatly into place in your life.

I never said (nor thought) that you have to choose one or else the other, nor did I say (nor think) that the CFA exams are too intense for you (I have no idea who you are, nor what your abilities are).

As I said, I did mine with three teens/pre-teens, but I had a lot of help from my wife. I don’t know whether I could have done it without her help, nor do I know whether I could have done it had our children been toddlers/infants at the time.

I tutored a Level III candidate last year who was divorced with a son (ten years old or so). His ex-wife would change plans quickly, giving him their son unexpectedly when he was planning to devote his time to studying. He didn’t pass the Level III exam.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique; you have to decide what you can handle and what you cannot.

As I wrote earlier: best of luck. Whatever you decide, I hope that it works out for the best for you.