Anyone have FMVA voucher?

Just missed the summer2020 15%off voucher, does anyone have voucher I can use now? I know there is a 10% off one, wonder if there is a better voucher.


look the plunge into FMVA today, let’s see how the program goes, looks really fun IMO

The program heavily focus on “not using the keyboard”, they even said that IB training asks analyst to disconnect the mouse in the video.

  1. can not use spacebar (or any keyboard button) to pause/play videos, which means I I have to constantly switch to the mouse to pause/play when I follow the instruction while doing excel, since I can’t just alt+tab space.

  2. Videos don’t remember playback speed and are very short, most videos are only between 1 to 5 minutes long. I don’t understand why they break the videos into such small segments. This means that you have to constantly readjusted playback speed to your desired speed, and to click on continue to the next video to avoid the 10 seconds wait time literally every 1, or 2 or 3 minutes, with the mouse.

These two “shortcoming” runs polar opposite to the one of the main goal of the program, which is to avoid using the mouse when modelling. I am trying to keep my hands on the keyboard while doing excel, yet I have to constantly interact with the website with the mouse, I really think the web designer has not gone through the program at all.

Really hope they can fix these two shortcoming for future candidates.

Thanks for posting that. I’m sure the team at Corporate Finance Institute will take a look at the issues with the videos.

Please keep posting about your experience as the FMVA program is long overdue in my mind. Financial modeling is such an important part of the financial analyst’s life that a credential should help both the analysts and employers.

I finished one module, crash course in Excel, the content and instructor is really good. Videos are well made except for too short.


But the end of module exam is just way to easy, it is too disappointingly easy that I can’t take the designation seriously.

It is only 15 questions that doesn’t change if you fail (correct me if I’m wrong) with unlimited time and unlimited tries, put into perspective, the exam requirement for this designation is less than the requirement for free Linkedin Skill assessment quiz, just let that settle in, Linkedin assessment has also 15 questions drawn randomly from their pool of qbanks, with 1.5 minute time limit for each question, if you fail, you have to wait 90 days before you can take the assessment again.

FMVA exams are 15 questions that does not change if you fail (I only tested with one module where I failed on purpose to see if the question change), you can immediately retake the quiz, you can google or do whatever you need to do to find the answer, basically you can not fail.

If you don’t take Linkedin skill badge seriously, most people don’t, why would you take even FMVA seriously?

Basically, this designation really holds no weight in my eyes because if you pay, you will basically get your FMVA as long as you are bothered to google the answers, and mark everything in the module as complete.

I know it is a new designation, but yeah, the test is a joke to be honest. Content is great so far, but no way is it “certified” in any form and shape. I can get better resource for far cheaper, part of the reason I’m paying $$$ is for a difficult and prestigious designation.

They really need to set up a proctored exam system for this price. If I get that FMVA designation, knowing that anyone with half a brain can get it too, what is the point in that?

It is a catch 22 for a new designation, make it too hard, no one will take it and it won’t get popular, make it too easy, it won’t be take seriously.

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Hi FinancialWar,

My name is Yuting and I’m the Learning & Development Manager at Corporate Finance institute.

First of all, thank you so much for your feedback. Receiving critical comments like yours are essential for our growth so we truly appreciate it.

Regarding video player functionality in your previous comment, I sympathize with your frustration and want to note that your comments are top of mind in our development plans. To give insight, we work daily with our learning management system provider to enhance the overall user experience.

  • Note: Since your most recent comment on Analyst Forum, we have been able to implement a solution for playback speed. This means that for you and every student that has previously reached out regarding this issue, will no longer have to adjust playback speed for each video.

With regard to module exams, we’re glad that you have pointed out - “make it too hard, no one will take it and it won’t get popular, make it too easy, it won’t be taken seriously.” Speaking openly, proctored exams are not too far away for CFI. We have been working hard to introduce this feature, as we too want to make the CFI designation as valuable as possible. Our course and assessment design is constantly being updated as we look to improve our credibility within the industry.

Finally, our mission is to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst. I understand that you are a level 3 CFA candidate, so you are obviously coming into the FMVA with a significant amount of experience. As you have have experience in finance, I can tell you now that our optional prerequisite courses (such as the Excel Crash Course you took) are for those with less experience who are looking to build a foundation before completing the full program. The core and elective courses are more advanced and I am sure that they will provide much greater insight for you.
To reiterate, the program curriculum is open to professionals in various industries with differing levels of experience. Enforcing no entry restrictions means that we can stay true to our mission and successfully teach financial modeling and valuation to anyone from the bottom up.

If you would like to continue this conversation or you have any further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them over email -

Kind Regards,
Yuting Zhao

Thanks for sharing your experience. I know the Corporate Finance Institute also appreciates the feedback as they work to make the program better for analysts and employers. Please keep us posted as you progress through the program.

Hi Yuting,

The playback speed issue is still not fixed, I want to finish the course before the implementation of the final exam on the 31st of August.

The playback sleep still reset back to 1x on very video, since most videos are about 1 min long, it is very irritating.

If you can talk to the technical/web dev team, that would be great. I am using chrome on win 10.


Hi FinancialWar,

Thank you for following up and our apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I have privately messaged you with some next step questions.

If you prefer to communicate via email, please contact our support:

We are more than happy to help resolve this problem for you.

Kind Regards,
Yuting Zhao