Anyone here a member of CFA society of San Francisco?


Since I do not have the requisite work experience; I’m deliberating if I should enroll as an affiliate member of the Institute and the SF society.This is mainly to network and participate in their volunteer opportunities.

So I wanted to know how active the Society is? Are there any volunteer opportunities for people with limited investment industry-specific experience (my work experience is mainly audit and risk)

Any thoughts from CFASF society members would be very helpful.


I’ll soon be joining CFASF (hopefully), it seems to be a pretty active chapter. They often have various seminars and events, not yet sure how that trasnlates into career or volunteer oportunities though.

well one of their stated member benefits on the website is " volunteer opportunities, career resources"…however it will cost me $400 …so Im not sure if its worth all that money

Should I then wait till I have the work experience and apply for regular membership only?

are you being admitted as a regular member?


I’ve recently submitted my application for regular membership to CFASF, but mainly because it is a requirement to be a charterholder.

It seems like a pretty active chapter, and I’m sure you will get what you put into it (if you want to be heavily involved, I’m sure the opportunities will be there). But to be honest, CFASF has close to 3,000 members but everyone I know who is a member rarely or never goes to the events.

thanks dean99

yes i also saw the member profile as of 2008 (not updated for last 4 years!) 86% are charterholders…I said to myself everybody is a member of the society because they “have to” and because they “want to” :slight_smile:

I’ll be joining SF as well… I’ve been to an event here and there… pretty cool people compared to the Seattle chapter. They also have a jobline for which they charge $100 for 3 months, that’s included for members, so a small consolation.

Let me know when you’re attending an event, it would be nice to meet more people in person.

Best wishes!