App for Analyst Forum

I’m sure this question been asked before, if so my bad. Is there an App in iPhone for Analyst Forum?

That way I can read and reply to the forum without being in front of the computer…

Currently no there is not, however we do have plans to implement a mobile-friendly layout for the site, which will be used automatically when visiting the site from your mobile phone.

what about tapatalk?

It appears Tapatalk does not yet support our system (and even if it did, ours is quite customized from the default, so it still might be hit and miss). There’s an API to write our own integration, and a very early/rough module for integration with our system, but I couldn’t say how much work that would entail without looking at it much more closely.

For the present, our intended approach is either a mobile theme that activates by default for mobile devices, or else a web design technique called responsive web design. You can see some demos of this in action at