appropriate punishment?

If everyone has a disorder it’s not a disorder by definition.

^I don’t know. Virtually every woman that I know personally is on some kind of depression/anxiety medicine. (At least the ones I know well enough to be privvy to this kind of information.)

While I was typing that, I realized that it sounded extremely misogynistic. Oh well. It’s still true.

Punishments on financial crimes are often too soft, but then again, money is just a made up tool that we choose to value our lives by.

Punish for the crime committed, regardless of ‘disorder’. If found mentally unstable and this mental instability was the cause of the crime, seek medical rehabilitation.

Problem with mental rehabilitation is that its such a new area and we literally have no idea what we’re doing. Our brains are incredibly complex. Drugs don’t help without messing up something else. Plus nowadays, as Greenman said above, everyone’s got something which begs the question of where do we draw the line? We were lobotimizing people not too long ago and now all we do is give them a few pills that pretty much do the same thing.

On a side note, i think that convicted sexual offenders should have their balls chopped off.

i can agree with this.

^ including priests who violate little boys

Why should sexual offenders have their balls chopped off? Let’s start chopping hands off thieves, and chopping uteri off of women who get abortions…?

Why not the whole junk so they can pee through a straw for the rest of the their lives, that’ll teach them!

Sex offenders have had the procedure voluntarily performed and claim it is a cure. The data supports the assertion. The recidivism rates fall dramatically, almost zero. This goes against the notion that sex crimes are not sexually motivated, so it doesn’t get much play.

Even in America, I don’t think that is currently illegal.

really? what kind of women live in texas