Are you guys worried?

Quote : 3. That the credit crisses was confined to areas resembling a places like where the hit Sitcom “The Trailer Park Boys” [now a popular movie] was filmed. Zing…CFA Halifax is gonna get patriotic in a second…

jabroni Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Quote : 3. That the credit crisses was confined to > areas resembling a places like where the hit > Sitcom “The Trailer Park Boys” was filmed. > > Zing…CFA Halifax is gonna get patriotic in a > second… Oh no you didn’t lol. These guys are the pride of NS. I went to the same highschool as one of the TPB actually. Credit crisis, “Ricky needs a line of credit for his dope ops” LOL! Only Canadians will get that!

My main point is US simply cannot keep spending the money they do not have. However the government is ignoring this basic principal a 12 years old would understand.

When I lived in Brazil, I knew that a government spending like this meant that hyperinflation and recession and currency devaluation were not far behind. This guides a lot of my thinking.

Canada is a major trading partner with the US!

I think the problem in US is like a bloody cycle…you guys will take ages to come out off my reasoning is as follows: 1) US was always having a party time with appreciating and hence u guys fed on cheap imports and kept on consuming whereby playing into the hands of Asian tigers... by making their economies grow and neglecting your own manufacturing capabilities can be pumped but manufacturing capabilities cant be strenghtened/built overnight you need a sustained demand and a capex cycle... and Asian tigers are growing stronger since the US demand tht they are used to catering can be replaced by their own growing population and hence it gives a rise to decoupling theory ( I personally dont adhere to it until and unless the central banks of EM's move their Reserves into some stronger currency or GOLD) . 2) With decreasing interest rates after the risk aversion declines (i think its question of few months) then money in US will follow the same pattern of what money always does that is chasing growth and hence there is going to be a flight of money from US to other growing countries again pressurizing the making Imports expensive and fuelling “INFLATION” in US and THEN THE FED HAS TO RAISE RATES NO WAY OUT AND HENCE SUPPRESSING THE CAPEX so you guys are in for a perfect receipe for disaster which is DECREASING INT.RATES + INFLATION and this cant be cured by any short term measures but a sustained encouragement of capex cycle and nuturing local consumption for example take INDIA the Economy was opened up in somewhere in 1992 and the private players were allowed in many industries they incurred capex and its only in last few years ( from 2003) where they are seeing high growth rates. Hence I think US should be patient and allow it self time to nuture its economy from what it is/or is going to suffer .REMEMBER IN LIFE TIME IS THE BEST HEALER. PS: these are my own personal views

Yeah, collapse is such a strong word. My advice to you is this: don’t pay attention to sensationalized reporting on most money mediums, particularly main stream tv. As someone pointed out earlier, the avg recession time is 9 months and decreasing due to the faster pace of transactions and adjustments in today’s digital economy. These are just blips on the radar my friend. Not to mention that volatility and market adjustments have upside opportunities as well in addition to the downsides, its just a little more negatively skewed, that’s all. Anyhow, don’t get fired as temporary hiring freezes may go into affect (they’ve started to here at some financial institutions), and if you do, use the time to go into school or get certifications so that following the trough when the firms are screaming for employees you’re standing there ready for the uptick.