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if you’re passionate about something you love to do it. You wake up in the morning and are excited about doing what you do. You have heart. You follow your heart with your full being if you are completely passionate about something.

Some people give their lives to pursue their passion. Usually (hopefully) they are good at it and well the money part is up in the air.

In other cases you have people like Mother Teresa who gave all her heart to the poor with a burning passion of love for them, was very good at it, yet made no money (2/3). But, she could care less about the money. Plus, she’s a saint now and who needs money in heaven?

People have passion in all kinds of fields I would never want to work in. Like Dentists … It boggles my mind anyone would have a burning desire to be a dentist but we all have different passions for different things and I guess that’s what makes the world go round.


That’s a pretty heavy assumption that people become dentists because they have a burning passion for dentistry. Maybe they just want to make money? I don’t think this post answered his question at all. There’s probably a very small amount of people whose passion and vocation have a correlation of 1.0. Especially in finance.

Agree. Look at the plumbers making 6 figures. You think they have a passion for scooping sht from pipes?

I never said a plumber had passion for what he does, you would have to ask the plumber.

Again, I did not say people become dentists because they have a passion for dentistry. I said that some dentists have a passion to be dentists which boggles my mind. Others may do it for the money and somewhat are ok with their job.

Plumbas gonna plumb

You’re correct. In the end, like I’ve posted before, “I fight for that check, I’m in the check cashing business” like Floyd Mayweather says. I still stay positive and do the very best I can though. If I pursued my passion, I’d probably end up like those people blaming everyone but themselves for being in debt for studying a field with no demand. Maybe if I do great in my career and my son or future kids wants to pursue something they are very passionate about, I can help get them there. smiley Or I can buy a seat in the Ferrari Challenge cool

As for me, probably not yet. BUT… I enjoy my job, I make decent money, especially relative to how much I work, how low stress my job is, and that I live in a low COL area. I enjoy my above average number of days of PTO each year traveling to cool places. Sure I could make more working as an IB slave but I’d have no time to enjoy what I like doing. Like day drinking on a patio on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Or plotting a nice 1.5 week vacation far in advance and having my boss approving it without question and not having something derail it at the last minute.

I’m also relatively young, in my mid 20s. I have no ***ing clue what I want to be or do when I grow up. So as for now I’m just taking it 1 year and 1 job at a time and enjoying the time as much as possible.

a bit hard to follow but I think he has a point

I don’t want to hijack the thread. Just think that it should be noted that Mother Terasa was a horrible person and was a poor choice for your example.

^ agreed, a terrible excuse for a human being with an almost fetishized obsession for suffering (more pain = closer to Jesus) and btw she did make millions and millions for the church. Ironically, when her time came she didn’t care much for suffering and received the best care in the world.

Wow. Very strong views against Mother Theresa. What are you basing those on? She was a nun who worked all her life in the missions devoted to charity as I understand it. I guess people view the imposition of western religions in third world countries now as a form of colonialism (which is reasonable) but surely some good came out of it? To say she was a horrible person and a terrible excuse for a human being seems bizarre to me.

I am honestly surprised anybody would still think she did any good. I thought her twisted ideas were commonly known by now and I am not even talking about any imposition of a western religion.

From wikipedia: “Mother Teresa considered that suffering – even when caused by poverty, medical problems, or starvation – was a gift from God. As a result, while her clinics received millions of dollars in donations, their conditions drew criticism from people disturbed by the shortage of medical care, systematic diagnosis, and necessary nutrition, as well as the scarcity of analgesics for those in pain”

She raised over $100 million for the church, yet only 5-7% went to her organization. She had no intention of improving anybody’s life since suffering is a gift from god. As i said, she fetishized it. Her work has been exaggerated by the church for marketing reasons.

There is a pretty good book by Aroup Chatterjee, a local physician from Kolkata, who worked in her organization for a while, called “Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict”

That doesn’t seem in any way conclusive to me. Sounds more like conspiracy theory stuff. Do you have credible evidence that she was embezzling ten of millions of dollars in donations? And what, she was living a high life of coke and hookers like the guy in Wolf of Wall Street?

I get that a lot of people don’t like religion (and maybe nuns specifically) and view the Catholic missions as a form of colonialism. But essentially she set up a system of orphanages, schools and hospitals for poor people in the slums of India at a time of absolute and grinding poverty there.

I’m not especially a huge fan of Mother Teresa by the way, but just taken aback by the level of vitriol. She did win the Nobel Peace prize and is now a saint. I think the sort of work that she did was probably less damaging than ‘traditional’ colonialism such as the British Raj for example and almost certainly some good did come out of it.

Receiving a NPP is often a political event. Receiving a sainthood gives creedence only to those who trust the leadership of the Catholic Church, i.e. a minority of the people.

I did read something that said that Mother Theresa had a kind of fetishization of suffering that was somewhat akin to the medieval flagellants, who felt that suffering was a method of purifying the soul for ready entrance to heaven. And so although she helped people who might die in the streets, often times she did not help them nearly as much as we imagine in terms of things like physical pain.

I don’t believe that Mother Theresa was necessarily corrupt, but it does seem that this approach made her alleviate suffering far less than the marketing of her image suggests.

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