Ask Me Anything About Level II with Nathan Ronen, CFA

Ask Me Anything About Level II with Nathan Ronen, CFA

Join Nathan Ronen, CFA, founder of Chalk & Board on Wednesday (1/19) at 3:00 PM EST to ask your questions about the Level II CFA® exam.

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Chalk & Board’s competitive advantage lies with industry-renowned instructor, Nathan Ronen, CFA who brings instant credibility based on his real-world experiences, years of teaching, and unique and compelling style with content delivery.

Nathan began his career in world-class organizations such as New York Life, FINRA, and Salomon Brothers where he was groomed and gained real-world experience in finance and accounting. He realized his passion for education, teaching finance and other investment-related subjects whilst in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins University and Strayer College.

Nathan achieved his CFA designation in 1996 and subsequently established himself as the Lead CFA Program Instructor at Stalla Seminars, CFA Society New York (NYSSA), and Kaplan-Schweser where he taught courses for all three CFA exam levels. Nathan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in finance and accounting. Throughout his over two decades as Lead CFA instructor, Nathan developed the Ronen Methodology which has helped tens of thousands of candidates around the world achieve the coveted status of CFA® charterholder.

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