Bain Capital

I just read in Politico that Bain returned 88% annualized during Romney’s tenure. Those returns would make Madoff blush. Politics aside, I think the PE guys were running crazy in the 90’s and killing it with methods that they couldn’t get away with nowadays with all of the additional disclosures they would need to file.

Maybe they should start an arbitrage division of the US government. The US can borrow large amounts of money at low interest rates, and then collect the carry by lending those funds to “AAA” countries, like France, Austria, Denmark, etc., which somehow have higher borrowing costs.

So yout think the Treasury should invest in European debt. Sounds like a good idea, maybe they can get Corzine to run the desk.

As governor of Mass or boss of Bain? 88 percent is unsustainable no matter how you look at it.

I assume you’re being facetious.

The US government already made a killing saving GM and various banks.

So is orgasm, but you take it when you can get it.


reminds me of the brady bonds and latin american debt Banks buy risky debt, when the countries don’t pay, they get uncle sam to bail them out

Huh? Last thing I read said the govt was still in a loss position on its GM related saving and would be lucky to break even on the banks. Yeah, they made some money from JPM and the stronger guys, but apparently didn’t get paid back by many of the smaller ones.