Best CFA Exam Location?

Adam Carolla would be proud of that advice.

AF always brings the knowledge.

They couldn’t afford a few more people for the picture? Looks like the crowd at a HS girls soccer game.

Ok after my rude reply re: stay home and party after, I am a little embarassed to ask this but was invited to go to nyc on TEST WEEKEND…and might consider taking test in NYC so I can party after with my cousin.

Bad idea? Should I just go visiit another time? I haven’t looked at test locations at all in NYC (can’t even remember if I specified location yet…?) but assuming there are multiple? Ease of access, bathroom tips, etc for those who took in NY? Would be staying in Columbia area I believe so whatever is closest/easiest to get to.

Should probably stay home and walk to test center as is 20 min away foot, but is sooo tempting…

Focus on the exam, you have the rest of the summer to party in NYC.

They usually rent out the ballrooms of large midtown hotels. The upside is that nearby lunch options are plentiful, but it can be chaotic with hundreds of people pouring into and out of these spaces at the same time. Honestly, trying to optimize for the test center location is a little silly. You would be much better served by focusing on the material.

^ I thought they did it in the Javits center?