Best scenes from finance / business movies

Here are my top-3, involving well-played interactions between BSDs, in no particular order :

Jared Vennett’s pitch in The Big Short :

Board meeting with the CEO in Margin Call :

This one is slightly unrelated, as it blends diplomacy / the oil business / secret services, but the BSD-meter on Christopher Plummer’s character in this movieis through the roof. To anybody who hasn’t seen it, absolutely watch Syriana, one of my favorite movies ever.

Post yours !

In no particular order:

All of Wall Street

All of Tommy Boy

All of American Psycho

The Wolf of Wall Street when De Caprio’s boss takes him to lunch. The Big Short when the GS folks laugh at the CDS.

Alec Baldwin, Glengarry Glen Ross. Ed Norton, Fight Club. Smeagol, LOTR. Debbie, Debbie does Dallas.

No particular order of course.

Ben Affleck giving his intro speech in Boiler Room.

Trading Places: the finale in the trading pit.

Put that coffee down! …Coffee is for closers.

Well written but Affleck is a complete limp wrist. I’ve delivered better speeches to my Johnson in front of vanity mirrors in college dorm rooms.

I find myself quoting that monologue on a near daily basis. Baldwin nailed that part.

^^ I find it a bit amusing that Casey now has a Best Actor Oscar and Ben does not.

I have a fantasy where I round up all the girls in the dressing room and I nail them with the ABC speech :grin:

I have a similar one as well.

Third prize is you’re fired.

Other People’s Money has some great scenes

“You wanna know who I am? You see this, you see this G-string? It’s worth more than your car. I just made a thousand bucks in the champagne room. You see, that is who the F*ck I am… and you are nothing pal.”

pathetic stripper: “the leads are weak”

Me: "the fu*king leads are weak? You’re weak! If you can’t close the deal and you let these cockroaches leave here with money in their pocket… money left in their accounts!.. then you don’t deserved the good leads. The guys here on business from New York with the platinum card and no social skills… they’re for closers. Giving you b*tches those leads would be like throwing them away…

^ I think this would make an excellent screenplay for a porn adaptation. Ah F*ck, damn you Kevin Smith. Still not the same though.


If I was asked to do a porn movie, but I got to be the female equivalent of Alec Baldwin from Glengarry, … then I would probably be in a porn move :+1: :grin:

Cocks are for closers.

Amazing :+1:

Boy, that escalated quickly.