Biden tanking?

last i checked on a n odds site. biden has fallen to warren. yang is coming up, but he is still not even top 5. anyawys im all for ubi. but b4 that is discussed, we need higher taxes and expenditure cuts.


He’s just following George W. Bush’s example. Didn’t Georgy ask why you can’t open windows in airplanes and believed that they speak mexican in mexico?

I personally like Warren, but I think Joe Biden gets a bad rap because of his gaffes. The fake news media have made his gaffes the story, and now they pick out every one them to keep the story going. He gives 10 speeches in a row without a gaffe – not a peep from the media. He calls NH Vermont…and whoa what a gaffe. I went to school in New Hampshire and lived in Vermont…it’s the same place.

New Hampshire and Iowa are the “first in the nation” states, IA holds the first caucuses and NH holds the first primary. Every candidate is spending all the time they can in one or both of those states. For biden to think he’s in VT rather than NH is odd. He has every reason to be in NH and no reason whatsoever to be in VT

another one

As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story

segregation joe isn’t on his game at the moment


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the left seems to be turning on segregation joe from slate magazine of all plsces

When Did Joe Biden Start Believing He Had Opposed the Iraq War?

Former Barack Obama campaign manager David Axelrod tweeted a link to that story and called out segregation joe for lying about his record on the Iraq War

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Biden is bad-ass

Biden recounts harrowing incident with gang leader named ‘Corn Pop’

Can you imagine a debate between Biden and Trump? After 10 minutes both will be talking about how they personally saved children from a burning building or how the manged to single-handedly stop a bank robbery.

Actually sounds awesome.

That is why Biden is actually a viable candidate. Can you imagine Warren debating Trump?