BOFA/MER @ 25/share

this is what i am seeing. expect a furious short squeeze monday on top of the 7 buck snapback

25-30 is what i read…

30 would be a nasty blow to those who got short ahead of the close Friday

Please state your source. The FX market movements are showing no proof of this story.

my shop went long friday…filled entire position ~1.5 mil shares. The analyst who bought it better bring in bagels for everyone tomorrow morning…

merrill is coming out alive simply b/c their army of brokers IS worth something and the BLK stake IS worth something.

As of right now, FX markets point to a very ugly open on in equity futures at 6pm eastern. 25-30 price rumor is just a rumor as of right now.

man, we are good. deal just hit NYT and bloomy.

S&P futures down over 35pts out of the gate. I’m a seller of that price target for MER.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > man, we are good. deal just hit NYT and bloomy. umm it hit NYT around 4p

On Sunday morning, as Lehman’s fate looked increasingly uncertain, Mr. Thain and Mr. Lewis cemented the deal. It could not be determined if Mr. Thain will play a role in the new company, but two people briefed on the negotiations said they did not expect him to stay. Merrill’s thundering herd of 15,000 brokers will be combined with Bank of America’s smaller group of wealth advisors. The entity will be run by Robert McCann, the head of Merrill’s global wealth management business. Mr. Fleming, Merrill’s president, will be president of the combined bank’s corporate and investment bank while Thomas Montag, a former Goldman executive who started at Merrill in August, will head all the merged company’s all risk, trading and institutional sales.