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Just finished Mock Exam 1 and got 80% so I’m fairly happy, BUT the format and tone of the Qs threw me for a loop initially. The look and feel of the questions was significantly different from Schweser…a few observations 1) Ethics was not as diabolically tricky as the ones regularly posted here. 2) Quant was conceptually trickier but manageable, same with Corp Finance 3) FSA was a total bitch…quite a bit harder and very time consuming 4) Fixed income…hardly any calcs…very conceptual, very tricky and I bombed it! 5) Derivatives & Alt…by far the easiest section Overall there were 6-7 Qs that used concepts. terms etc I had never even heard of before. I would highly recommend everyone take at least one of these exams…your head gets so into Schweser that its initially disorienting and you don’t want that to happen on game day!

nirjraina, question When you purchased the mock exam, could you purchase both of them for the discount of $20.00? If so, is there a time limit regarding how long you have before you take the 2nd mock exam? (Asking because the sample exams only give us a two day window to complete after purchase)

Yeah I got 2 for $100 (each one’s 120 Qs). I believe you can take as much time off between Part 1 and 2 as you want to. That 48 hrs rule applies if you actually start one of the parts and the clock is ticking…if you pause it then you have 2 days to complete it.

Ok. Thanks for clarifying this for me. Good luck.

Actually I’ve just confirmed…my part 2 exam says “Due Date 06/09/2007” next to it

2008 I hope

Hmm…there seem to be a few major errors in the exam now that I look at the explanations…anyone looked at the solution for the first TVM question (retirement savings)…they are using 25 years for the retirement period but I could have sworn it was 15 (83-68). I couldn’t get any of the options they had for the Q

nirjraina, Does they provide you with answers once you have completed the test? S

Its done in a stupid way…there are detailed explanations for each answer but it doesn’t tell you whether you got it right or wrong on the test. After 3 hours you tend to forget which way you went on a 50:50…but the explanations are pretty good and refer you to the actual page numbers in the curriculum

is that for the mock exam? S