Buying a hail-damaged car

@CEO - you don’t get it. This girl is 27 and is not keeping the car. She refuses to drive anything dinged up. Worst case scenario, she’ll take the money, pay off the loan, and buy a new car. But she’s already told me that she has zero interest in keeping the car.

I don’t know if this is wisdom or folly, but that’s her outlook on life. She’s rather have a pretty, shiny toy (and make payments on it) than drive a virtually paid-for, quality car with golf ball dimples.

It is hard to say without surveying the scope of the damage. How much would it cost you to fix everything to a reasonable standard? A used car of this sort will cost $30k (Murano SL, 15k miles) based on internet. What can you do with this $7k and is it worth your effort?

Edit: I saw that you don’t want to do it so never mind I guess. I doubt she would sell you the car for $6k in any case. Clearly, it is worth more than that.

^ sounds like every 27 yo girl i’ve ever met

double post somehow.

he had a lot of negative equity and any time you can get rid of that is a good thing, right?

Is her book $100m+?? Does her mom/dad pay her way still? Because if not, I’m damn right disappointed that someone who makes financial decisions like that is in the shoes of helping others make financial decisions. She’s an advisor right? Does she know what utility is? Is she single?

Jesus, calm down Karen.

Over 20 years ago, we had a bad hail storm and my (first) car at the time was pretty dinged up. The insurance company paid for the full repairs and new paint job. Car looked great!

If the insurance co. says its a write off it must be pretty bad. Just curious as to how much she has left on any outstanding financing?

That’s like saying all doctors should be champion triathletes.

Ummm…actually…she’s a bookkeeper. She records transactions. The end.

Well, is that too much to ask or something?

Just buy a brand new base trim Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV for $25K (or lower). There’s nothing you gain from this banged-up Murano that you wouldn’t get from a brand new Toyota or a Honda for almost the same price.

I totally agree. This analysis has wasted $23k of peoples’ time already. Greenie, stop nickel-and-diming over here. Jesus. Seriously. Buy a new car. There’s no glory in being the dried-up cheapskate who is supposedly a frugal genius.

Ohh get a teslaaaa!! Plzzz I’ll think ur 10x cooler.

Since we’re suggesting vehicles, here’s my suggestion:

2019 F350 King Ranch

West Texas BSD to the max

Music suggestion, no charge


Agree with you, your points are too valid.

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