Buyside opportunity in China

Hey guys, I know it might be just small amount of ppl at this forum works in Great China Area. I would like to know if anyone knows buyside opportunity in Shanghai/China area. want to break into the hedge fund industry. Just got rejected by a good firm I am eager to join. Although I heard from my friend who works there a while ago the firm is probably switch headcount from SH to HK, the MD still came to talk with me last weekend. I thought he might changed his idea… Anyway, too much complaine here, but appreciate all the help/advice you guys can give me. I believe market is effiecient and my capability should land me a good job at buyside. Just matter of time, maybe.

anyone please???

I don’t know but good luck to you.

Which angle of buyside? Most are still in HK. (Sing also has a fair share.) Why? That is where the money flows through and where most of the talent is. Until the rule of law China becomes fully developed, I don’t see things changing any time soon.