CAIA L1 March 2022 - study in Jan

Good evening,

Do you think it’s do-able to do L1 in March 2022 if I start studying in January? I work fulltime in a portfolio construction role so not all of this is foreign. I obtained the CIMA this year (yes I know it’s not on the same level as CFA or CAIA) and it had a decent amount of stats and calculations for equities, fixed income, options.

From what I’ve gathered alot have skipped reading the official text altogether and went straight to problems and lecture notes from other providers. I was planning on doing Uppermark but maybe I don’t need the platinum package?

Appreciate any input.

Yes. It all depends how disciplined you are and how much prior knowledge you have in finance. If you have an undergrad degree in finance, for example, you could get away with devoting less time. L1 is a lot more superficial than L2, and the pool of candidates is weaker.

I was one who read little if any of the notes and just practiced questions. That is a risky strategy, but it can work for L1.

Thanks. I suppose it comes down to how fast I can get through the material. What I’ve read from candidates is that the official texts are too long and go into a lot of detail. I’m wondering if I can pull it off by watching Uppermark or Wiley videos and then just doing problems. Not sure how long the notes are from the third party providers but I doubt they’ll be enough. Open to thoughts and suggestions

If you have a choice, I would push it back until the next cycle. That way you won’t waste your money. You will better retain the material as well.

You’re right. That would be the safer route. Was hoping I could get it all done sooner rather than later. Twice a year testing doesn’t help much but it what it is.

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You are accurate when you indicated that it depends on your level of financial expertise.

Did you end up taking this in March 2022? I am roughly in the same boat right now. I have alternative investments industry experience and Finance/Econ degrees. Just trying to get an idea if I’m putting too much on my plate.