CAIA Level 2 (Mar 2021) Materials

Hi, just wondering whether you read the textbook to prepare for the test? Heard the content has changed materially with the fourth edition… It’s super inconvenient to order a book to my country…

My plan is to go through the textbook + Qbank. Does anyone have the latest e-version? Willing to share the cost.

Hi, I am looking for the same. Any luck on your side?

not yet… I haven’t even started to review the materials. Feel the pressure now.

Do you want to buy the materials and we can share the cost?

Yeah can do, I am thinking about Uppermark Test bank. What do you think? Not a lot of information I can find re CAIA, a bit confused of what to get.

yes sure, I am thinking about the same one! Let’s do it.

Shall we move to other communications? e.g. WhatsApp? or FB or Ins? where we can chat more conveniently?

Hi, willing to share too. please add me to the loop

Thanks alot

Hello. Even I am interested in purchasing UM Test bank. Can we share the cost? I see total cost is $269 web / download version. Look forward to your response. Thanks

Yes pls loop me in as well. My email id

UpperMark prep material and test bank are awesome. As of now, only the questions for Topics 2-6 are available in the Test Bank, the next batch is due any day and the final batch at end-Jan.

I also think the regular material is good but you could easily skip that and only use UM.

Good luck all, I’m not ready yet but I’ll be jamming with the TestBank Qs like I did with CFA and hopefully that will get me over the line.

Hi. Has anyone ordered UM study materials online version? I have paid last Sunday for a complete pack with questions bank, mock exam, e - study book but haven’t got access yet. I haven’t registered for exam yet, but I do not know if this should have anything to do with UM granting me access to their platform. Very annoying and unprofessional. Thx very much

I don’t think it will have anything to do with your exam registration.
Btw, did you buy the web format or download format?

Bought both of formats because I am in Luxembourg and it will take 2 weeks to get the print form. I really do not know what I can do to have access to whatever web material they have ready today. I called them a couple of times, sent email, talked to CAIA people but my order is still in processing stage. Any thoughts welcome.

online material should be available no matter where you are. did Uppermark say it is normal process or only in your case?

They haven’t replied to my email nor they called back.
Have you experienced or heard smth similar? I have checked the credit card and it seems that the payment was made. Will check with the bank on Monday. It’s very strange especially that time is important and I cannot understand what happens.

Yup, I once sent email to UP, but never got any reply either. Since you made the purchase last Sunday, I guess you should know if the payment is through or not by now.

The payment went through. I will call them again on Monday. The problem is that their q bank is much better than Kaplan for example. If they had comparable difficulty level and exam success rates I would have asked for refund. Best of luck and hope we pass!

Definitely call them during their business hours, I had another issue and they never responded to email. Depending on who answers the phone they may help you, or they may tell you that someone will get back to you.

If they tell you someone will get back to you, there is a pretty good chance they won’t. I think they are somewhat overwhelmed at the moment, so I just made a pest of myself and kept calling every day until they finally fixed my issue.

Do you mean the testbank available for UM is only for Topic 2-4? (I just checked now but they do not have the testbank from Topic 2-6).

UM has the worst customer service. I have several emails to them that they don’t even bother to response and I have to call them several times to follow-up. The UM testbank is good when I did my L1 but this time around, they are too late in releasing the testbank and textbook. I’m enrolled for the Mar. 2021 exam and until now, they’re testbank is only for Topic 2-4.

Thank you so much. I will call them every day.