CAIA Level 2 (Mar 2021) Materials

Hi - yes, thanks for catching that, UM has questions up for topics 2-4 now, and sometimes this coming week week they said they will add Topics 5, 6, and 7 questions to the QBank.

I would give them a call, I didn’t hear back by email but had immediate help by phone.

Just called UpperMark. They said Chapters 5-7 will be uploaded to TestBank in the next couple of days.

Hope it’s true. It’s the same thing they told me when I call them last Dec and also mid of January saying that before end of Jan., we shoud have Topic 5-7.

Uppermark just changed their study center today and here is the pop message when you logged in

As you know, significant changes were made to the CAIA Level II curriculum after the Sept. ’20 exam and our team has been working diligently to get our study materials updated and delivered to you as quickly as possible, while maintaining the important comprehensiveness and accuracy for which we are renowned.
To this end, we provide our products in sets so that you can proceed with your studies as soon as possible.

Available now:

Study Handbook: Volume 1 (Topics 2-4)
Study Handbook: Volume 2 (Topics 5-7)
TestBank questions: Topics 2-4
Next sets:
TestBank questions (Topics 5-7)
Study Handbook: Volume 3 (Topics 1, 8-9) + corresponding TestBank questions

got an extra license for uppermark test bank, anyone interested

I am using UM but I have found their online weekly course to be useless. This is supposed to be a weekly 3 1/2 session. Last Saturday I log in to see a message that they are having webex issues and that the class would be held the following day (Sunday). Not convenient for me but it happens, I figured I’d catch-up this weekend with the recording. Then I find out that the 3 1/2 hour session for that topic turned into a 5 hour, 50 minute session over 2 days, the 2nd of which took place Friday during business hours! This morning, I login and see a message regarding MORE webex issues, with the session again postponed until Sunday.

In this day and age where the entire world is managing to exist through video conferences, I find it hard to believe that UM can’t get their act together. While their study materials are pretty solid, I would not suggest signing up for the online courses unless you only plan on reviewing them at your leisure.

I would be interested if available.

I have schweser, but there are barely any questions on there at the moment.

Hi, I would be interested if still available

Hi, I am interested in purchasing UM Test bank. Anyone interested to share the costs? I see total cost is $269 web / download version. Look forward to your response. Thank you.

Uppermark Testbank Topic 5 is released today