Okay, if Mad Men is fair game, so is Californication. Who has been watching?

A couple years ago, I watched the first season straight through. I just sat on the couch drinking and watching episode after episode. During the last episode, I was pretty well lubricated and I got sad because I saw too much of myself in Duchovney. I haven’t watched an episode since.

Good show, though.

I watched it on Netflix instant streaming and liked it, but I think Netflix instant stopped at season 3.

I also liked Weeds.

Watch it? I lived it… used to party at the house Samuri Apoc lives in. We’re talking legit dimes (or HCBs) everywhere… you know you’re ball’n when the address on that house is just “1”. Pic below:

Here’s a youtube clip of the house from the show: (not work appropiate, at least the dialogue anyways)

But anyways, the show is awesome, only downside… makes me wish I as a bonofided stallion and lived Hank Moody’s life.