Can the SPY keep climbing. Are market fundamentals there?

Trust me, when the world runs out of money, the “supply chain issues” will be fixed, lickity split.

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with today’s action, i am feeling comfortable that yes, we have just seen the market top for a while. market was priced for ~50% decline outright. no catalysts were needed for markets to experience a 2000 type slow decline back to normalcy.

With China, we may now have our catalyst. China has always been the great systemic risk for markets because it is highly indebted and high inefficient in many sectors and it is the only major economy without an emergency USD funding line with the Fed (Central Bank Swap Arrangements - FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK). These swap lines are the only thing preventing the EU, Mexico and Brazil from collapsing. If China ever gets low on USD, which it would if it bails out trillions in USD debt, the Yuan is going to plummet and China’s ability to single-handedly support the entire commodity complex will mean we face some serious deflation worldwide. long-term, lower commodity prices isn’t a bad thing, but short-term it could wreck asset prices and market sentiment. The Fed is going to become part of the executive branch of government as it has discussions with the Bank of China about establishing USD emergency funding under conditions that China stops genocide and backs off Taiwan for good. Or, maybe that starts a war. Either way, this has been a long time coming, and worse so for taking so long.


Here we go!!!


Will algos, buy the dip and push the market up or is the Evergrande problem that serious?

What’s the Evergrande problem? Never heard of him/her.

Hey look it’s coming back already. :rofl:

wow, woulda been better if you posted this LAST WEEK

At first, I thought it was related to the ship that plugged up the Suez Canal (Ever Given). :flushed:

our gdp really did moon. it’s pretty v shaped. recovery is going strong gdp wise.

Don’t fight the fed.

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I love this. Everything about this I love so much. The whole world’s SOOO mad at the fact this baby keeps roaring. Here’s a linkedin post I just saw:

“If sustained higher inflation were to become a serious concern, the Fed would respond” – Powell


What would they do?

Shock the world and raise rates by 2%?

Professional money managers, getting mad over this crap… I love it so much.

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Why isn’t it breaking?

  1. Unemployed is gone
  2. Is the market expecting the no debt limit bill to pass.
  3. We’ll not see contagion from China
  4. This market is making me mad too.

What are these charts trying to tell us? I was trying to figure out why people were doing horoscopes on AF and then I realized they were stock market charts.

We can’t completely disregard charts man. Professional use them too.

Fundamentals, Technical Analysis and Macro are your friend.

Oh and to answer your question, it’s simply showing a bull channel that hasn’t broke in 200 + days - a very narrow channel. That’s all!

I’m more of an alchemist than I am a trader or professional.

We call them Quants now! :grin:

charts are fantastic.

I don’t understand this madness - I hate it.