Career choices

Hi all,

I am currently working as a Relationship Manager (Commercial/Corporate Banking) in a Chinese based Commercial Bank in which I’ll need to mainly deal with corporates’ requests regarding loan and trade finance queries. The Bank is one of the largest bank in PRC, both internationally and domestically.

Nonetheless, upon the completion of the CFA Level 1 Examination, alongside with what I’ve actually learnt during my tertiary education (i.e. Accounting, Finance and International Business Management), I have come to a realization that Banking RM isn’t really what I am looking for as it is NOT technical at all and hence I do not have a sense of fulfillment. I feel like I have been wasting time and for now the most enjoyable thing for me would be the preparation of CFA Level 2 Examination as that’s what truly gives me self-existence

I now have an offer for a role of Credit Research by an asset management firm, in which it is ranked pretty high in PRC but then its HK offshore subsidiary is not big at all.

I was just wondering would it worth me sacrificing my current large platform for a research role in a small firm? THE MAIN THING IS I DO NOT KNOW WHAT EXACTLY I LIKE TO DO - ON ONE HAND, I WANT TO EARN MORE AND IN THAT SENSE FIXED INCOME INSTITUTIONAL SALES WOULD BE FOR ME BUT REALLY IM NOT THAT OUTGOING…

At this point of life I am really really struggling…

Hmm, not sure what to tell you, but if you’re not struggling with money, then do what you like more. Ultimately, I think people who are following their interests will do better over the long term than people who are forcing themselves into a job they don’t love for money.

Depends on your financial situation if you can afford to take risks then I would recommend that you should go for the research role. RM role is only going to get more intense in future not less.

Thanks for your response.

I am not struggling for money as of this stage yet what’s important to me is the extent of self-actualization.

Upon my graduation, I have joined this company for 2 years. 2 years that I have been a front line staff and to be honest, I have not learnt anything besides from drafting proposals and examining collaterals…I do not even get to undertake financial analysis for my proposal and really I do not think I have achieved what I have always longed for…

Thanks for your response.

I think I will go for research ultimately.

Even if I fail in research, I could get back to RM easily as 1) RM doesn’t need technical skills at all 2) Given my exp as a RM

For research I could see a better future and ultimately I can learn stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to learn before.

Sounds like a plan, let us know how it turns out!

Thanks mate!!