CDO Q from CFAi End of Chapter Q's

Good catch, I agree with that.

Dude, I gotta leave cause Sbux is closing, but you are REAL freaking close, its not quite right, there’s a netting error somewhere, but holy hell, I didn’t really think anyone would get this. You might be better just checking the answer to see where you missed at this point, but that’s wicked impressive, kudos Nibs.

bannisja Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i got your 10.8 for the asset mgr. the 2.7 jr > dude. but senior you pay out 90 bps still, no? > so that’s another 1.35 mil paid? > > so 24 - 10.8 - 2.7 - 1.35 = 9.15? > > we almost to the promised land? WE HAVE 2 WINNERS!!!

You think the CFAI would let nibs and i take the test as a duo? i feel like i’d pass then.

great job guys and gals… I had to throw in the towel and look it up in the book… :confused:

We’d be a lock.

bigtime. merger synergies off the charts. i’d buy our merger with CASH i’d be so sure.

Big confidence booster 'cause I got this one without looking at the book. I did use Excel to take my notes, but I can barely do a grocery list without Excel at this point in my life. This is one of the few types of questions that you do well on from being in “practice” – to be honest, I’ve seen money market structures that were more complicated than this (let alone actual CDOs).