CFA Exam happening in Ramadan for the next 3 years

Ah going the old finger plug in the ears and keep my wisdom to myself…because you don’t want to hear other view points.

CFA has already told you that there would not be an exception made. I told you to incorporate fasting into your study habits, which seems like the logical next step. There isn’t anything within your holy book’s teachings that say you can’t sit on a certain day for an exam…this is where there is a dichotomy between the orthodox jews exemption and the exemption you are seeking.

I am empathetic, but I don’t think there is a need for special accommodations. I do agree there is a difference between fasting and observing the Sabbath, but as pointed out earlier, religion is a personal topic and open to everyone’s unique interpretation so it’s hard to argue that or at least beyond the scope of AF. I do think that many will look at the fact that this exam happens during Ramadan as a good thing. I also note that many believe that you should continue with your normal life and routine (I.e. work and life obligations) while fasting. I think many people will consider the benefits of intermittent fasting, specifically as it relates to mental clarity (whether done for religious reasons or not), and if anyone is really fearful of their performance under these circumstances, they should look into it in advance. Many great people do great things while fasting (Hakeem Olajuown always comes to mind). Just my opinion.

oh ok. So you think Jews not being able to sit an exam on a Saturday is a more reasonable base for requesting a discretionary treatment from CFA compared to Muslim’s fasting all day. Ours is a ten times more desperate situation in my opinion. And no Matter what the reason is, if it is doable for the followers of one religion, it should be doable for other religion followers as well. Simple logic.

Your reasoning is flawed. Their teachings say no writing, no electricity etc on the Sabbath…your religious says to fast from just before sunrise to sundown.

So please tell me how logically your exemption mimics the Orthodox Judaism exemption…I’ll give you a hint…IT DOESN’T.

So go and have a sizeable suhoor before the exam, enjoy your maghrib prayer and then break your demanding day by looking forward to iftar.

Best of luck to you.


Any opinions on Shariah law in business (insurance & banking most prevalent)? Finding loopholes in Islam to convince yourself that you are a good Muslim or legitimate practice? At least the Christians now ignore the whole not-being-able-to-lend-money thing rather than finding a way to kid themselves into saying that actually it is okay with God because of xxx (usually some variation of xxx is a middle man therefore yyy is not lending zzz money technically)

you are still trying to prove why Jews cannot take exam, what their reasons are, why this is different than fasting…

you are telling me that I have to take the exam with the other non-fasting candidates and tackle the same questions while starving and feeling weak out of thirst and hunger. And you believe this OK as Islam does not prohibit me from taking the test while fasting. But I won’t be competing with other candidates in equal conditions and I won’t be starving for fun it is because of my religious duty. I am asking cfa to not let me fail. I am asking them to not make me sit the exam on a fasting day as I cannot give up ramazan fasting and I don’t want to postpone my cfa for another 3 years. And if it is not a tremendously difficult thing to offer an alternate day to some candidates, it shouldn’t be difficult to do the same for Muslims.

yes, despite the fact that Shariah does not tell not to hold a pen on a Saturday.

^ So when you are fasting and working in an investment bank are you at par with the rest of your colleagues/competitors? Do you ask for a handicap during that month?

Fasting is a personal choice more than a religious burden. Get your priorities right. This guy nailed it.

"Why do you insist on taking the exam while fasting. If you go back to Quran, it will clearly say that if you can not fast for a serious reason, then don’t and pay “KAFARAH” and fast another day. Ok let’s here’s a scenario:

CFA: why change dates?

Candidate: I’m fasting

CFA: does it prevent you from taking the exam

Candidate: no

CFA: do you normally get a holiday from work during Ramadan for religious reasons?

Candidate: no

CFA: can you avoid fasting for this particular day?

Candidate: I have to get “fatwa” about it

CFA: Does your religion specifically says you can’t take an exam or study during ramandan?

Candidate: no

CFA: If we agree, when can you take the test?

Candidate: before Ramadan. That’s May 20 in 2017 and most likely May 10 in 2018.

Seriously… you expect CFA to give the exam two weeks before or later? this will change everything! you cannot compare giving the Jews a ONE day alternate to giving Muslims two to three, given that nothing really prevents them from taking the exam according to their religions.

FYI, I’m Muslim and I don’t agree with you"

I am not even arguing. but still trying to understand why you are crazy about a request raised with CFA. it is none of your business.

If it’s between you and the CFAI then why post it here for discussion?

I am registered for the 3 June 2017 exam and my calendar is pivoted around this date so you bet it is my business.

I am not lobbying against your cause here but when someone brings a religious cause onto me I get provoked easily.

Keep your religion to yourself.

As a Muslim, I would like to say that Islam is about understanding and forgiveness. It’s not about being rude to other people or other religions. I respect all religions and their needs. I clearly understand that the Sabbath prevents people from actually writing the exam and I respect CFAI to accommodate then with ONE alternate day.

Yes fasting will not be easy, and yes I wish that the exam was not during Ramadan. However, Ramadan changes dates every year, not only that, but Ramadan dates will differ by country as people need to observe the moon to declare the first day of Ramadan. I have never seen an organization that delays its exam/matches/competitions based on that due to the large amount of uncertainty, hence the Olympics at one points had athletes that were fasting.

Second, Quran and Islam clearly says that if you are not able to fast you can pay money to the poor and fast that day later. I have decided to do so on exam day. Fasting is not about food or drinks it’s about good manners and behavior :slight_smile:

Ramadan MAY fall on May 27 2017 which is a Saturday, this being said the exam will have to be on May 20th according to your request. Next year it may be on May 20th. I don’t want to take the exam 2-3 weeks early I’d rather have this time to study more for the exam. Have you even thought of the grading process?? The alternate date for Sabbath does not change the exam nor the grading process.

Please think about it and the consequences, and let’s not discuss religions anymore, what’s the point?

i want to lobby for my cause, why does it bother you? i was looking for other muslim candidates like myself why are you so hateful?

who was discussing the religions? “Fasting is not about food or drinks it’s about good manners and behavior :)” you did not like my manners because i am asking for an alternate date. for God’s sake. smiley back to you also.

you do not have to take the exam two-three weeks earlier but let other people do if they want. why does it bother you? why?

Again, I’m not against that idea I am only STATING THE FACT which is:

1- Two weeks is different than one day = may not be as easy and may not be feasible

2- Islam does NOT prevent you from being tested while fasting

3- Ramadan changes every year, and it can vary by country, thus, estimating which day will suit all Muslims will also be difficult.

4- Why don’t you suggest having the exam on the same day yet post break-fast time? This is more reasonable that a two-week shift

Please note that I did not say anything about your manners. I don’t know how you arrived at that assumption.

Again, if you feel fasting impacts your performance, talk to CFAI and not us.

it is you who prefers talking to me you can stop it anytime you like.

3- Ramadan changes every year, and it can vary by country, thus, estimating which day will suit all Muslims will also be difficult. apologies but this is BS. Ramazan changes every year but not depending on the country, it is just that some countries celebrate the Eid 1 day before the others. The Ramazan dates are all known in advance and arranging a date which does not fall into that period is a piece of cake.

“Please note that I did not say anything about your manners. I don’t know how you arrived at that assumption.” ok sorry for getting you wrong.

I am just looking for other candidates who can help raising a voice for this, sorry if this hurts you in any way.

No no no. The start of Ramadan changes per country. Dear, it even changes between Sunna and Shia. Some countries depend on astronomy on declaring the first day of Ramadan and other will actually have to see the crescent. In most cases, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and UAE will have Ramadan on the same day. Egypt sometimes differ. Shia in these countries will have it on a different day. Lebanon as well. I live in the gulf region now, and yes I have seen it differ every year

it is a one day thing come on. they will not try to guess which day out of 365 of the year Ramadan will start, right?

baklava, you are either a troll or have the temperament of a 3 year old toddler. Honestly, I disagree with you about getting an alternate date, but even more so due to your attitude.

Lolololol I move mods to ban baklava. He clearly does not belong to AF!