CFA for non-finance background

hi…i have absolutely no finance background , infact from life-science, but hope to crack level 1 in dec 09…if threzerz any suggesstion or if u’d like to form an email study group please hook up also tell me is it realestic??

I graduated from university in 2007 not even knowing that bond prices move inversely to their yields. Now I’m taking the CFA. Don’t worry, if you put in the work, there’s nothing in CFA L1 you can’t learn.

Think from an employers point of view. If you manage to pass CFA1 or maybe all 3 WITHOUT any relevant experience, it shows you have a natural intelligence, perseverence, and above all are very hardworking, even more than someone who is from the investing world. Though I do have relevant experience and want to boostup my career with the CFA, but CFA is also a good opportunity for someone who is looking for a career change like you. And if you pass the exams, it clearly shows that you have grasped the concepts thoroughly… SO GO FOR IT>>>

I am a Biology major from a preety well known private college and will be sitting for the exam in June. Work hard and study harder. There is nothing in the CFA level 1 exam that someone cant learn without hard work and dedication, finance background or not.

Science backgrounds are a naturally better fit for finance just due to the mathematical concepts you must understand well. There’s a reason top hedge funds hugher PH’ds in math, physics and even astronomy.

It can be done. I was a kinesiology major (chem minor) in college and I am currently sitting for L3. You just have to be dedicated and be willing to ask a million questions on here.

I am from the IT world. I didn’t know what specifically a balance sheet, IS and CF statement was. I never took an accounting or finance class in my life. I am trying to take the level 1 exam in June 09 and feel like I can handle it. Its tough initially but like everyone else said perseverance is the key.Its about how much you want it and how much repetitive studying are you willing to put in, till the concepts hit your brain. Remember was Ab Lincoln said “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” go for it buddy !!

thanks for the boost…it really really helped

please…any tip as in where do i start?

Go through the material as it is is basically listed in the CFAI text and be prepared to review ethics again at the end. I lumped PM with alternative investments and derivatives. If you are sitting in December-I would definitely begin to look at review classes and enjoy the next month or two because once you start…kiss that life of yours goodbye.