CFA Institute - New Candidate ID Policy

A Message from CFA Institute: Effective 1 January 2011, our candidate ID policy has changed. In order to enroll in the CFA or CIPM Programs and to register to sit for the CFA or CIPM Exams, you must have a valid international travel passport. This policy sets forth one global standard, in the form of a single document that is both internationally obtainable and recognizable, that allows us to confirm the identity of our candidates, and to ensure that all candidates receive identical treatment during the exam day admissions process. For more information on this important policy change please see our web-site at:

Cool! CFA institute is a member of AF!

Um… thanks, CFAI…?

Scary as hell!

wtf!!! it wasn’t me, CFAI . . . it wasn’t me :wink:

I feel like the chick in the Geico commercial - “I always feel like, the CFA is watching me, I have no privacy…I always feel like, the CFA is watching me…”

Big brother is watching