CFA Podcast

Has anyone ever listened to the CFA podcast…thoughts?

Which one?

I have listened to a few. Some of them are better than others, I think it also depends on who does the interview. Nothing is ground-breaking, iTune automatically downloads the files for me and when I am travelling and bored listening to the same old stuff, I sometimes listen to one of these files. It also gives you an easy 0.5 credit for CE…

Cool. I’ll check this out. Thanks.


Continuing Education. A requirement for professionally licenced people like CPAs to keep up to date with current financial/business developments etc.

Do CFA charterholders need CEs? I keep seeing events at NYSSA talking about CE and CPE credits. I figure they have something to do with all that, but never paid much attention How do they play into the CFA rules?

No CE required for CFA. It’s a beautiful thing.

CFAI would like each of us to “earn” at least 20 credits a year, including 2.5 credits for ethics. You do not have to; but I like the idea of encouraging people to keep on learning. If you cannot afford to attend one of the expensive conferences that give you on average 6 credits per day (like me), but still want to get the credits, it is a good idea to read a few articles (reading an article in FAJ usually gets you 1 credit) and to listen to the webcasts/podcasts. If you think about it, one article and one podcast a month nearly gets you to the required credits. Not too difficult as you can choose your topics, and you can receive a certificate each year, and even be recognized when you reach the 5, 10 and 20 year milestones :slight_smile:

Especially if it’s not mandatory, it’s actually nice to have a “target” like 20 credits per year to measure oneself against.

I guess I was in the dark about logging CE credits for CFAI. I read enough FAJ articles to probably hit the number anyway.