CFAI L2 Mock 2012

I took the Morning session of the CFAI 2012 Mock and it destroyed me (57%). It has been a few weeks and I have been going over my old exams to pick up on the previous mistakes to learn from them. I have went through about 4 mocks and all of them I feel that I can grasp and understand except for the 2012 Mock… Anybody else feel the same way? It is really throwing me for a loop. As many said before a lot of tricky questions. I missed a number due to small mistakes, but a number fo them (particularly in FRA) are wayyy over my head. Just putting this out there to see if anyone else feels the same way this late in the game. I am taking the Afternoon session this saturday, hoping for at least a 68% (what I scored on every other Mock). Fingers crossed

I feel the same way, screw up on it. But decide to stay positive instead of freak out.

7 days can still make a difference

CFAI, y u make mock so hard? 72% on AM, 68% on PM.

Schewser volume 1 I was putting up 82 85 88 88 88 82.

I heard that the mock is waaaaaaaaayy more difficult than the real thing.

The funny thing is that the FRA part was so complicated, i couldn’t even find similar examples in the curriculum!!!

I am considering a new stratagy, some of the answers given our of a, b, and c are given to trick you but I can easily work out atleast one answer which i know they are trying to trick me and make me think it is the right one. I am thinking i can elminate that one and go with the answer i think is wrong…lol might work…so screwed!

just took half of the PM CFAI mock, if i used that stratagy my score would have been much higher.

sitting on about 62% for CFAI PM and about 42 questions in…its 3am, ill finish the rest tomorrow

stressing out, i dont think I have ever studied this hard for something and I feel like I am getting no where its really fustrating.

I thought FRA questions were reasonably straight forward in the EOC questions. If they are going to throw tough questions in the mock, they could at least make us prepared for this in the EOC

wayne, probably an anomaly. i score 68 on the cfa mock about a month ago and have averaged about 75 on schweser. with the schweser scores you’ve been having, wouldn’t put much stock into it.

I am glad you guys agree. It didn’t seem to be like any other Mock I have taken. I also felt that the questions were reather in dept (even for CFAI), if I need to know my accounting, FRA, that well I might as well write that section off now. Scatterbrain, I agree, if they are going to give us a test like that the CFAI should at lest prep us a bit better with better EOCs. Getting a little frustrated myself. Be prepaired for everything! Hopefully this is not a good representation of the real exam… they are just “over-preping” us… hopefully… anybody else?

If it is the same as level 1 - the free exam is to scare you and the one you have to pay for is much easier

I too scored 57 in the morning mock. Planning to take afternnon mock tom. Destruction will be complete if score is in the region of 50s…On top of that just found out today CFA Level 2 and Level 3 are not conducted in Dec:-(

You just found that out??? Only Level 1 is conducted in June and December while Level 2 and 3 are conducted in June ONLY.

I just took CFAI 2012 mock AM and honestly i think its much easier then the schweser mock exams especially volume 2. i think its because the format of the questions in the CFAI Mocks are much more clear and easier to understand.

PM was a little more trickier but still found it easier then any Schweser exam i have taken…mainly because they are more clear cut.

lets hope the actual exam is even easier! still stressin balls over this since i am getting poor scores in schweser but after taking CFAI mocks i feel better since id assume it would be much more of an indicator of my actual performance on exam day…

whoa thats good! i really dnt know whether i shd revise more (as in EOC - they are lenghty revisions) or just concentrate on practise tests and formulae from now on

I just took the PM section of 2012 mock and feel a good bit better scoring 72%… hopefully not a fluke, still felt really shaky though. There are a few questions where I can not figure out how to get the answers, even after reading the answers!!! The CFAI does a really bad job with explainations, incredibly frustrating. I find it interesting how some people find CFAI more difficult then Schweser. I personally found vol. 2 easy, and the CFAI 2012 mock very challenging. To each their own… Any questions in particular on the 2012 Mock that are causing excess frustration for anyone?

I found question 32 and 33 pretty hard. I would write them out but they are most of the vingette.

Thanks for all your responses

Take a look at Q5 in the afternoon session.

The only way you would have gotten that one is had you memorized that EXTREMELY TINY detail in all of the soft dollar standards… “list of stock brokers AND their trading skills”… practically 3 words.

So basically the CFAI is saying, “You have to memorize the soft dollar standards word for word” or at least in very minute detail.

My floor nearly dropped to the floor seeing that one.

don’t sweat the small stuff. assume that most people will have to take a guess at that one and move on. ideally, you would have gotten it by process of elimination.

So surprising even your floor was startled.


Did anyone find some of the terminology tricky in the Mock?

I have been using Schweser and I had not heard of the Blume technique. I luckily guessed correctly what they were asking for, but I thought that the answer was just a decoy.

Then on the Engle–Grange Dicky Fuller test. I know that Engle–Grange was mentioned in the Schweser material, but I had remembered it as Dicky Fuller. That’s my own mistake, but I feel like the mock could have used the whole name.

I’m just waiting for on test day to read about the Zamboni method and have no idea what to do when they really mean DDM.

Woah, 62% in the PM [68% in AM, so 65% in total].

Felt like guessing 90% of the time…

And it’s not only the score, I almost needed 3 hours to finish each session. Therefore not much time to check my answers.

I finished the Schweser Mocks in 2.5 hours max, and scored >75% every time.

I think I need a drink!