CFAI sample exams (not mock) are a rip-off

  • Fee: US$40 per exam; two versions available
  • After both versions have been taken, the fee is US$20 to retake an exam
  • Available online, to enrolled candidates only
  • Timed: 120 minutes per exam
  • Reflect the current curriculum and the format of the actual exam
  • Similar level of difficulty and weight per topic as on the actual exam
  • Immediate feedback
  • Actual questions from past exams included

After each question on the sample exam, you will receive feedback that indicates the correct response, references to the relevant assigned curriculum and learning outcome statements (LOS), and an explanation of the correct answer. You will not be able to print these pages.

The feedback after each question is designed to help you understand the rationale for the correct answer before you move on to the next question. Remember, your test is being timed, and reviewing your feedback does not stop the clock.

After you complete the sample exam , you will receive:

  • printable feedback on your overall performance on the exam
  • a topic-level breakdown of your performance
  • a listing of the references and learning outcome statements for each question on the exam
  • links to assist you in further preparation for the actual exam.

I think it was pretty clear with all the warnings

for the terms :

I had to refresh my browser and let the page load, then that part of the page loaded. well that sucks. I accept the consequences of my thread and my post saying people with PCs have to take screenshots. on the upside, if I get kicked out of CFAI I can go to business school earlier.

guess I can stop studying for level 2 and watch some tv.

I was more socializing than anything else. I would be suprise they go to the superior court to have the permission to ask for your internet provider to tell them what person is linked to your IP adress.

then you would go with the defense that there’s alot of ppl in your house connecting to the same router so they don’t really know if it was really you.

by then you would be a CFA charter