Chalk & Board Feedback

My comments are based on my participation in Nathan’s Level 3 course at NYSSA several years back. I believe Nathan is currently at Chalk and Board.

• Nathan strategized optimally to really get the maximum bang-for-the-buck in terms of the effort that the class was investing. Each lecture/session was well researched, well taught with a clear cut plan.

• As a coach, Nathan had an awesome focus on results. The objective was to pass L3, nothing more, nothing less. I liked that laser-sharp focus of teaching the curriculum with a strong emphasis on the essay component.

• Brevity and presentation to senior management are critical for passing the L3, and it is important to unlearn some habits that might have served folks well in the previous levels. This was very clearly articulated, and literally drilled into our heads. That did help.

• Overall Nathan is a highly effective instructor. I do wish some of Nathan’s practical, street-smart techniques could be taught to PhD folks who are aspiring to join academia or who are already teaching Finance.

I also took Nathan Ronen’s class when he taught at NYSSA, and I would enthusiastically recommend his class for anyone preparing to take the CFA exam. He’s a dynamic and engaging instructor, which makes it easier to absorb the curriculum. I thought his class was also worthwhile because he reinforces the relevancy of the curriculum: the class is more than test prep; it’s professional skills development.