Child Subsidies

Not to mention a new carbon tax… it’s just a swift kick in the nuts one after another…

I think the issue is the that people like MLA project their personal attitudes onto the rest of us. He can’t fathom helping those truly in need on his own ambition, so he thinks the government has to mandate the assistance. And he doesn’t realize you can’t isolate the effects of a tax. All taxes affect everybody.

As someone who might stay in Canada, I’m with this guy. yes

I think things thru and plan responsibly, and I’m sick of being discriminated against dammit. How is constantly taking money from me, and distributing it to the free-riders and dipshits, “good for society”? I think the planners need to run some serious models, and get back to me with answers. Not against paying the high tax rate here, as long as it is spent intelligently on improving the society. But heck, just dumping money out of the sky might be better than their “plan”.

Also the immigration rules are questionable. They say I’m exactly the type of skilled person they want to attract, yet random unskilled people who can’t even speak English get right in on “waitress visa”. Where is the special visa for me I wonder?? At every turn I have to actually work, while people who suck get the bar lowered just for them.


what a gay argument. This guy is complaining about a $1k credit when he is likely making $200K plus combined with his wife

But that is on top of $80k or whatever he is already paying.

I also find it strange that those that are for confiscating wealth to give to those with lesser means somehow don’t continue that desire beyond the borders of their respective countries. Why are you not suggesting I should be required by law to send money to those in countries with real poverty?..#mindblown

I know plenty of rich kids that are stupid as hell and poor kids who have come from families of 9 and become very productive and intelligent people. Government should not be in the business of Incentivizing marriage or reproduction. The government is terrible at allocating resources. Quit taxing to wastefully redistribute wealth in inefficient ways.

Since it’s no big deal to you, how about you send me 0.5% of your net income and I will stop complaining?

child benefits aren’t so much about supporting children as they are about supporting the formation of traditional families. in canada at least, we would create a benefit to subsidize a single mother with three kids on top of any other benefits because it’s the right thing to do by broad consensus. not all single parent households are the result of terrible decision making. often they arise from death of a spouse, abandonment by one spouse or various other things that are impossible to predict at the point of conception. i work with two single mothers, both of which are huge contributors to society, and both of which were abandoned by useless and selfish men. the child benefit exists merely to offer support, primarily to traditional families, that are experiencing higher than normal expenses.

i’m fairly confident that people, even low income people, are not basing their decision to have kids on a $6400 per year subsidy, especially considering it is virtually unchanged from years past due to the NCB. on the other hand, our own personal decision to have kids would likely have been influenced if these benefits had existed. in our mid-20s, if we received an extra $500/mth to have a kid, we probably would have started a family earlier (not that we started late by today’s standards). remember, the one’s to benefit the most are middle income folks (i.e. virtually everyone at prime childbearing age). low income people will only receive an extra $100/mth while middle income will get upwards of $500/mth.

i don’t know about you but my ideal picture of society is not an army of childless Gen Ys playing Pokemon Go. since the benefit effects many middle class people who are young and are on their way to becoming upper middle class, i’d imagine it has the most effect there when it comes to stimulating conception. since the upper middle and upper classes are unaffected by financial rewards, this new policy is the most effective tool in acheiving exactly what purealpha and all of you other “why don’t we make rich people have kids” people want to acheive. since stimulating conception at the high end is impossible, you stimulate in the middle so that future society doesn’t consist entirely of kids who grew up in low income families.

I was waiting for pokemon go to come up in this thread.

I feel like i just got rickrolled…

I think there is a very obvious benefit to incentivizing more rich people to have kids. You get more rich people, you reduce income inequality, rich people are smarter than poor people, so the average intelligence goes up.

Similarly, I think we should incentivize poor people to have abortions, and naturally shrink away. I suggest abortion subsidies.

While we are at it we should incentivize old people, disabled persons, and the chronically ill to be euthanized because of their drag on the economy. Heck, why don’t we only let people with certain IQ’s reproduce? Or better yet lets grow perfect test tube babies who are genetically engineered to be without what we perceive to be defects?

How about let the free market do its job. Government get out of my pocketbook and my bedroom. Gary Johnson 2016.

^Eugenics was defeated, but the legacy of Margaret Sanger persists within the Democratic party.

Not really an issue in Canada. Income persistence is really low here. You get what you earn.

Exactly, you need the above incentives, just to offset the constant dysgenic forces. Otherwise it’s down into Idiocracy

Because, the market (defined as Darwinian forces) died 10,000 years ago with the invention of towns/specialization and “helping people”. It’s dysgenics by default, unless market intervention.

it is not as bad as in the U.S. but it is still an issue. wealth inequality is mostly a non-issue in Canada but income inequality is a concern as it results in wealth inequality and increased income inequality over time.

you guys are now on the hitler scale. the low end of it, but still. incentives to kill the offspring of the poor? what will we have then …

Agreed… there shouldn’t be abortion incentives… aside from the moral issues, what would stop someone from gaming the system by continually getting pregnant and then aborting? (it’s a toll on the body but some people don’t care about that).

Also… this topic remind me of…

Do these subsidies consider wealth at all? Does a multimillionaire with no realized income for a certain year qualify? How about those with a lot of family assistance(generous parents)?