Coconut Oil

Sockeye on the BBQ is about as good as it gets. Served with lightly steamed broccoli and brown rice with spinach. Best meal you could eat.

^ You’s a G son! I’m bout to get me some grilled salmon this weekend.

@Geo throw in some tobasco sauce

I use Coco oil to rub on my belly. Liking it so far

Little smuggy is on way btw!!

^ Congrats!

^^ Congrats smuggy.

Thank you!!

Is this the first little smuggy?

walnuts with cheese? that must be some wicked chutney I haven’t come across yet

second. I’ll be in your club soon.

I don’t know why you’d eat raw coconut oil. Just cook with it.

The reason coconut oil is healthier to cook with is it has a higher smoke point, so you won’t end up turning your oil into carcinogens. EVOO, butter and most other oils have a lower smoke point, so the fatty acids are more likely to be damaged before eating. Makes sense really.

Coconut oil is really good with seafood and veggies, especially if you’re doing something with a Southeast Asia spin.

Yeah, I eat wild caught salmon and mackerel about every other day. Coconut oil is great, but then so is grass fed butter or lard (the point is saturated fat). Put some in a cast iron skillet, and cook up some eggs, add a bit of turmeric and sea salt, oh the tastiness.

Coconut oil is horrible for your arteries. They use it in popcorn at the movie theaters but should ban it.

Yet it is pretty much what the people on the Tokelau Islands eat all day and they have no heart problems.

^ How genetically similar to an isolated inbred population do you think you are? If one ancestor had a good heart on that island, they’d all be invincible to even an American diet by now.

I think there are some thinking-errors here, so much so that I am not even sure what you are trying to say. But in your defense the state of nutrition “science” is so poor that these conversations always turn into disasters. Here’s what’s up with FATS guys, starting from the beginning… Sapiens are mostly the same genetically; 2.5M years of increasing meat consumption in the homo genus has made them well adapted to eating saturated fat. It increases HDL and is good for the heart, and the brain. We all have this adaptation. Relatively recently some humans migrated to areas where peculiar foods like coconut oil and avocados existed. These are new foods for homo, but since they are basically a proxy for animal fat, humans run just fine on them (as you can see by looking at heart disease rates for both Inuits and islanders prior to industrialization; basically zero). Humans are ill adapted to the American diet because the delta between the American diet, and an ancestral diet, is so high. Specifically the high percentage of weird grain fats (not homo sapien foods) and low percentage of animal fats. Since nobody will know what I’m talking about when I say “grain fats”, I’m talking about the practice of squeezing fat out of grains, and falsely labeling it “vegetable fats”. These make up around 20% of the American diet by calories. Nobody is adapted to this crap, and nobody will be anytime soon. Anyhow, the point is coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados are fine but a little bit weird as we did not evolve in freakin’ Mexico or some coconut filled island. People should just shut up and eat tallow, lard, pork, beef, fish. These are normal human foods and help prevent the whole metabolic syndrome deal. So yes on animal fats, yes on plant fats, no on grain fats. Done. See 100yr history of the US food supply in Excel (grain fats go from almost 0% to 20%, while animal/plant fats decrease dramatically).

I disagree about the grain fats, why do you think grain fats = no homo? My understanding is that homos have evolved dramatically since the advent of agriculture to absorb both high amounts of carbohydrates, dairy, as well as these grain fats…despite them not being common to the homo diet in pre-ice age times.

I am usually quite sceptical of this line of thinking.

It may make sense, but it somehow contradicts casual observations.

Meditarenean diets are generally very big on grains and cereals, what you call grain fats, and quite low on meat and animal fats. Crete for example has one of the healthiest population on earth.

I am starting to believe the vast majority of everything is contingent on genetics, not diet and not lifting. this past week i didnt lift at all and ate like ish (pizza, grains, ect) and my arms look bigger and the vein is even more appearant (you kno, the one that comes down the bicept). My abs look just as good too. Now, i know one week is not enough to do anything, im just saying these studies conducted on different areas should really focus on the genetics as opposed to what they eat.

^ It’s not politically correct to focus on genetics.