Competetive Computer Games

The likelihood of earning a decent living as a professional gamer is probably less than the likelihood of earning a decent living as a professional athlete. Aspiring to be a professional athlete at least has the side benefit of being physically active.

The acronyms are very fuzzy at this point – I had to google 290 and SOJ before writing that up. But I loved trading more than the actual game play – I always thought it was amazing how those economies functioned just like “real” economies.

On topic, GTA V released their online preview today. Looks god damn amazing. That whole game…gonna be sweet.

Best trading was in Everquest, east commons market. You wanted to make a living that was the place to trade


Have never been interested in being an elf/leprecon and obtaining 1003495th level

As a kid, I would blow my allowance repeatedly on video games in the arcades. I enjoyoed video games but never became a true “gamer,” and am just as happy about that.

As an adult, there are some games I like, but I don’t have the patience to do games that take hours and hours and hours to play. There are a few exceptions: I liked SimCIty in college, and later on I really enjoyed Age of Empires, and I sorta liked Call of Duty, but these were the exceptions rather than the rule. In any case, it was rare that I felt like carving out large segments of my day to play them, unless there was a major snowstorm on a weekend or something.

These days, I mostly enjoy a kind of asteroids-like game on my iPhone and Words with Friends and tend to play it when I’m on the subway.

You know what would actually interest a lot of non-video game CFA-type people is EVE. I’ve never played it but it’s probably one of the most intriguing games to read about. On the surface it’s a game about guys in space fighting over resources, but it’s infinity deeper than that. The game is all about ecnomics and trying to screw people over with ponzi schemes with the occassional gigantic battle thrown in. The link below has a few good stories.

Yea. I was reading the BBC and the front page had this about a guy who infiltrated an enemy guild and led them into a massive attack. Game sounded fun, but the graphics weren’t enough to intrigue me. I do like the complexity though.