confidence level and dealing with stress

how’s everyone feeling about the exam? How has everyone been dealing with the stress? I was looking over some econ formulas today and it really hit me how unprepared I feel for the exam. I’ve been scoring mid to high 60’s and hope that I can tighen a few things up and get over the 70% hump.The closer we get to saturday the more stressed out I feel which is hurting my productivity significantly.

Relax, approach the exam with confidence because its easier than you think. Your scores are borderline right now but you still have a few days to sharpen up. I have heard from people who passed that the actual exam is easier than the mocks. So if you want to add 5% to your score approach it with confidence, not with stress because you will actually take off some easy points.

ibanker, I would suggest focusing on the core topics. Some people have suggested this in other threads. i.e. focus on the gimme questions. The basic/diluted eps calculations, code of ethics, significance levels, aggregate demand/supply etc… I think there’s a good reason why these basic topics show up on all the practice exams, because they have a good chance of showing up on the real exam.

Also, don’t go into the test with a defeated attitute, it will just work against you. Remember, this is just a test, it’s not going to kill you if you fail, your memory of what you learned so far is not just going to magically disappear. Just take it again in December, and you will be more than prepared. good luck.