"Corey Feldman Vows To Release Names Of 6 Powerful Hollywood Pedophiles"


Another act of justice by national hero Corey Feldman. I assume Turd already knows who these are.

Lock them up!

Chuck Sheen is 1, according to my sources. He did a number on Haim during filming of Lucas. Denise Richards discovered his penchant for CP, plus potentially ritual abuse of their children, and that’s why they divorced.

Not sure what to think of Feldman; kind of lame to make a money grab in the process.


What’s turd’s sources have to say about this one?


Ya! Burn them all! No trials! Let the witch hunts begin!

For real though he should just name the names.

fake news. trump ain’t a diddler. although there is a piece of intel going around that he was chipped when he had some hair work done. He was activated as a test where he raped his wife. Hey, I’m just telling you what my sources say. Don’t know if it’s true.

Actually lol’d. Nice.

She dropped the case a couple of days later



Once again folks, there’s enough real stuff against Trump that you’re only hurting your case by making s h it up.

Just read that Kevin Spacey is. So sad to hear. Always liked him as an actor.

Well I wasn’t really holding this up as to knock trump more to show that there are just as many accusations against DJT as these other prominent individuals. That being said, I wouldn’t exactly classify this as made up, the girl didn’t want to publicly testify which is not the same as the story being proved false. Just like the pee tape, there’s no real evidence that I’ve seen that disproved the accusation that Trump was in a room when this happened.

Man, such a good actor. This is nuts, next theyre gonna be telling us Jack Nicholson is one too or something else unexpected like that.

Maybe some of the late night hosts and “comedians” that slung dirt at Trump non-stop since he announced he wanted to run!

better believe it! colbert = kid lover

Image result for stephen colbert with podesta

kimmel = hardcore satanist. mark it down.

can we make a Turd prediction bot that in a set amount of time reports back with your hit/miss ratio, it has to be one of the lowest of all time.

I recall doing a bit of digging on this back in Oct or Nov when it got a little bit of MSM coverage. If I remember correctly, the woman has changed her stories multiple times and been dropped by multiple lawyers along the way. Her case has been taken to prosecutors in CA, NY and the feds and all three have declined to pursue charges. Again if I remember correctly, her “lead” attorney is actually a patent attorney with no experience in sexual harassment or assault cases (criminal or civil) and Ms. Bloom only jumped on the case for a brief period, got her press exposure, and dropped off. Even the Clinton campaign chose to say nothing about this one (maybe because Bill is even more closely tied to Epstein and they didn’t want to open that box). There’s no doubt that Trump is a scumbag, but this one doesn’t look to be on him.

It’s not a money grab by Feldman. He’s written about it years ago.