Corporate Governance - External stakeholders

Schweser states

General public also provides national infrastructure to the firm in exchange for an increased quality of life due to the existence of the firm

What’s the implication/application of this statement?

Does it mean that a firm is obliged to be socially responsible or donate? Becuse I feel any corporate organisation is technically absolved from duty by simply paying their taxes.

Maybe I’m overthinking this unimportant topic - but why is this line (bold) in the text if you can’t apply it or imply anything from it

EDIT: IMO my understanding of the statement implies that general public is in fact not an external stakeholder

The public is always a stakeholder, just not a very important one. So if the question asks “which one is least likely to be a stakeholder in the firm: a) shareholders, b) the general public, c) Mickey Mouse” make sure you don’t pick b)