COVID 19 Poll

What should CFAI do in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic for Candidates?

  • Cancel the 2020 Exam
  • CFAI Should Give a Solid Decision Date and then Decide to Cancel or Not
  • Continue as scheduled - do not worry about Pandemic conditions.

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Great job adding a poll. For anyone else that wants to create a poll, simply click on the settings icon in the editor when you create a new topic and choose Build Poll.

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I Would reschedule to December. L1,2 and 3.

To be safe.

Why not cancel L1 to clear half the room? They still have December and they’re moving online next year anyway.

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With this increasing rate of the virus especially in Europe and the United states I think its safer to postpone the three levels till December

agree…im in South Africa and they have banned public gatherings of more than 20 people.

I just checked on the CFA Institute website they have postponed the exams till Dec 2020

Everyone should operate under the assumption the test will be cancelled.

I just got an email saying they are postponing the exam to sometime later … December 2020 (I am hopeful) … I think this was too early to make such a decision, they should have waited till mid April … from all reports, the virus has been contained in China and now they should have seen how this global self quarantine and other responses impacted the curve :cry:. Really bummed about this!

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well one person is dying every 10 mins in Iran…so not sure the curve will be flattening globally just yet.

I completely disagree with canceling the exam. There should have been an “option” given to people to take it in June or December. At the very least, this exam should not be pushed back to December only. As a level 2 candidate, this severely impacts the time I will have to study for Level 3. Given the time and effort I have spent getting ready for Level 2 this year, I’m absolutely livid and pissed off right now. I can’t believe how many people voted cancel on this poll. Am I biased? Yea for several reasons.

Look, I’m just as worried about the virus as anyone else given the fact I have a pregnant wife at home. I also have close friends in the restaurant industry. So I don’t need all “the reasons” why other people are screwed “more” from a relative perspective. I get it.

This is BS and totally unacceptable. Think I could write another 5 paragraphs on this. So frustrated right now.

Dude. All I did was create a poll. Do not come here to yell at me.

Not yelling at you - voicing my frustration with the decision.

I was sick last year with a neurological disorder and couldn’t sit for Level III, so please calm down.

And I had no refund at all.

Sorry to hear that. The impact this has on my family and me, both economically and personally, is severe also. Rather not be specific on those details - either way I’m pissed.

hello everyone I would like to wish everyone health and to leave the house at a minimum as this is a very dangerous virus!