CPA after CFA Level 3 or MBA after CFA Level 3?

Average 2007 CFA pass rate per level is 42% Average 2007 CPA pass rate per part is 47%

That certainly highlights the sharp contrast of talent and quality of these two groups. The CPA test is widely considered a simpler exam and yet the passing rate is only 47%?..

AlphaSeeker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > sternwolf, no need to haggle on this. The > job/salary market determines the outcomes on this > “debate”. > > Have fund and keep the alpha high and the tracking > error reasonable, buddy. > > AlphaSeeker, CFA Probably true. So do a study to see if adding CPA after one’s name actually reduces salary as you think it would. No way.

Peace. I am out. I have my CFA nailed down anyway. Best wishes to those who are still working on it. Trust me, it’s worth it. Market took a pleasent turn in the last 10 min. today. My portfolio is up 1%… Cheers! AlphaSeeker, CFA

AlphaSeeker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Whodey and Wanderingcfa - > > I don’t disagree that CPA will be a compliment to > CFA, but it’s only so to the skill set. The title > part is a funny different thing. > > There is no secret that a lot of people rightfully > or wrongfully “perceive” accountants (or CPAs) at > business schools as bean counters, losers, etc. > While the CFAs are the hot and sexy buy side or > sell side investment decision makers. (The reality > may not be true.) So putting a CPA after your CFA > title is diluting the CFA value. How many people > proudly advertise that they got a master in > Accounting from, say Cal State NOWHERE, after > they’ve got a master in financial engineering > from, say Wharton or Chicago. > > It’s better that if you do get a CPA (after CFA) > and just not put it after your name. Sorry this > post may be hard to swallow, but it’s honest. > > AlphaSeeker, CFA so you are telling me it would be sexy if I dropped the CPA off my business card? your rational is flawed. while the charter is certainly valuable, it’s rather narcissistic to believe that CPA = State Nowhere U while CFA = masters from Wharton or Chicago. Neither designation in and of itself proves you will actually ever be good at anything except neglecting your family and friends for months at a time…