Curriculum updates / Practice Exams

Hi all,

I am returning CFA Level 2 candidate, having narrowly missed out last year. I am using the same Schweser textbooks from last year… and have been through the curriculum changes.

Glad to see 11 readings dropped and 7 added for this year. However, I don’t want to repurchase the expensive Schweser notes at $300 so I am using the CFA ebook for the new material whilst re-reading my old books for everything else.

I’m trying to find a good source where I can ONLY buy the practice exams. The websites I’ve checked only offer them as part of a wider package.

Is there a good reputable site that I can use to get practice exams that you would recommend? Also do you think my strategy above should be fine for the exam?

Appreciate your feedback.

I bought from the US website last year, as my country’s Kaplan Schweser site did not sell them outside of a package deal.

Band 9 guy here,

I have now gone thru the entire curriculum once. all 5 schweser books. and what i can say is: DEFINITELY buy the new books. too much has changed.

especially Derivs. they added an entire new chapter on derivs strat, and forwards, futures and swaps are consolidated into one beastly 40 page chapter, instead of what it was last year (3 seperate chapters)

not to mention, the accounting material got chopped basically in half (this is a Win for us IMO)

Thanks for your feedback and unlucky last year. Yeah I had a brief look through the changes and Derivatives looks to be the most changed content-wise. I also struggled with Derivatives last year which doesn’t help lol…

The official CFA Text book covers all of Derivs in around 50 pages though which isn’t too bad. I don’t know how readable the chapter is yet though so I think I might try it first and then if I’m struggling I may go ahead and purchase the Schweser material.

Good result on FRA content cut indeed… especially since the weighting has remained the same. Happy days!

Also for anyone else reading in relation to practice exams/questions, I managed to find a deal on the Wiley website with 1200+ question bank and 2 mocks for $200 which is pretty good since Schweser charge $150 for 3 mocks only + without Qbank