Dealing with relationships when studying CFA

I wish I had known about the CFA when I was married to my first wife. Would have been the ideal way to spend 3 of the godamn-awful 5 years we were together. I have a feeling that, so keen would I have been to study rather than hang out with that mad b1tch, that I may well have been the first candidate ever to crack 100%.

^^^^^^good thing ur not bitter or anything

Eazy E Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Not a wife material. To be honest I date a lot of girls that aren’t “wife material”, whatever that means. I’m guess it is not the same as CFA material.

I have been reading your posts about the difficulties dating while taking CFA. If you think you guys have it tough, I am female and I find it VERY difficult to date any guy while studying for this test. If you think women have a tough time putting up with a boyfriend studying for this exam, I think that’s nothing compared to the attitude I get from men. Not only is it difficult to date a guy when studying for CFA but I also find it difficult to date a guy who doesn’t work in finance. They generally do not seem to understand that my career is demanding. Perhaps I just can’t find the right guy but God where is he?

not to mention a child. a man can be understanding sometimes. but a child of 20 months old doesn’t. she just want to play and is always hungry for attention.

My gf, who is now my wife, was very supportive. Thank goodness.

Maybe he’s studying for the CFA exams : )

You’re probably right but with us both locked in a closet studying for this exam I don’t think we’ll ever find each other.

me and my wife ageed not to talk or see each other for the next 40 days, 0 communication, we are in diferent cities right now due to work locations, planning on taking care of it after cfa, however for now 0 contact

Do you have an option on an additional 40 days?

Shame Nuppal isn’t here.

YES. Lately, guys seem just as needy as the girls. ugh.

You should meet this guy Transfer. He is very sensitive and attentive.

He’s also very decisive and discreet.

My GF is working on her PhD so we’re both super busy every day of the week…

as is mine, which is awesome - because apparently ive avoided a lot of stress thanks to her level of understanding.

I’m in a long distance relationship with a guy completely outside the finance field. He understands most of the time. When he demands attention, I put aside 5 mins to facetime, then blame the poor wireless signal and tell him I’ll call tomorrow. :wink: