Death by Whipped Cream

Such a tragic loss


It really is junk food that will kill you.

She really died though. We are being harsh, higgy. Respect.

lol instagram fitness models, aka thirst traps galore. I did read the headline and was interested in how something like this could even happen. Its why cool whip > whipped cream

probably the worst thing that could happen to you on cheat day or just before se xy time


Mmm mmm mmm… Good looking girl.


i remember that fitness model greg plitt got hit by a train a few years back…who get’s hit by a train??

Someone got hit by the train in front of my train when I was going to NYC a few weeks ago. Missed a meeting because of it.

Based on my research, he was filming an advertisement using the train as a backdrop, and unfortunately, was caught in its path. Also, I admire your detailed knowledge of male fitness models. I don’t think I can name a single one, let alone recall any specific model by historical events.

(Igor, watchu think?)

Damn, does that guy work out or something?

Also, he’s got the face of a goon.

ohai, you got me. I know of a fitness model that’s been on 100s of magazine covers over the years. what next? i name a kardahsian and you’re gonna tell me i watch too much reality tv?

never mind

Forgive me, I know now that I have brought shame on AF through my lack of knowledge of muscular men. I hereby accept my punishment of 50 hours of abs licking, or 10,000 licks (whichever comes first).

Obviously the 10K licks would come first unless you’re spending more than like 18 seconds per lick.

^ math doesn’t check out, unless you’re assuming a “lick” is technically the tongue touching one ab and not the action of licking itself and each lick has an ab-to-lick ratio of 1.2777.

Thanks Matt. Real value add there.

wtf why would u ask me what i think about some beef cake?

All rite, whats the bet she was trying that cheap laughing gas stuff and cracked the nut wrong?