did most L3 candidates pass L1 on first go?

2010 pass I

2011 pass II

2012 my world ended

lol Series 7 vs CFA exams. That’s a hilarious comparison

I failed both L1 and L2 twice, and passed both on the third attempt. I will however pass L3 on the first attempt.

I don’t know if I’m typical, but I would say that determination and never-give-up attitude will take you a long way.

Failed L1 a few times. I did not give the exam the proper focus. Then L2 and L3 on the first try. This is probably not the typical route to getting the CFA charter but I was definitely determined.

Passed L1 and L2 consecutively.

My pattern has been pass, fail, pass, fail. I hope this trend continues.

My pattern has been fail, pass, fail, pass. I hope this trend does not continue.

I took multiple attempts to clear L1 but passed L2 on my first try… then again, I’ve got no talent at taking exams and a significant amount of time spent at each level is simply learning how to take an exam, not learning the materials.

So basically,

1st attempt (can’t remember year but still back when I was in school): L1 Fail

2nd attempt: Dec 2010, L1 Fail.

3rd attempt June 2012: L1 Pass.

June 2013: L2 Pass.

I’m still mad that I didn’t pass L3 last year.

2009: L1 Pass

2010: L2 Fail (Band 9) - Hardly put forth any effort and was lucky to do as well as I did

2011: L2 Pass

2012: Took a year off

2013: L3 Fail (Band 10) - The CFAI picked on my weak spots. I did poorly in the AM and smoked the PM.

2014: Hopefully I will finish up the program this year. This has been a really long process. I thought I had it last year, but it wasn’t in the cards.

Dec, June, June here as well.

first time on the 1st 2.

June - June - and June again

2009 L1 pass

2010 L2 fail

2011 L2 pass

2012 - break

2013 - got distracted with new engagement and wedding preps

2014 - hopefully I pass L3 any how! Can’t take any more of it!